Am I the only one who is like this?

I'll get words, "How" & "Who" mixed up and end up typing, "Who are you?" instead of, "How are you?"

Recently, whenever I'm typing long replies or comments, I have to read over what I wanted to say because sometimes, I've been typing a sentence or two and will think that I typed a word or two, but I didn't and the sentence (s) won't even make any sense. For example..., "I went to yesterday and candy." What I want to say is, "I went to my aunt's house yesterday and she gave me lots of candy."

It feels like I'm losing so much focus on the words I'm trying to make out.

I read lots of books and I don't understand how I am losing words and getting the first letter of a word mixed up with an unrelated word.
Am I the only one who is like this?
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