How to get fraud/embezzlement investigated?

My colleague is embezzling funds from the company.
If I report him, he will know that it’s me, as he saw me witness what he was doing.
He’s a VERY good liar, so I imagine him to manipulate his way out of this.

I spoke to the police today, to try to report it. Assuming they would covertly investigate, and then investigate him.

And they said that I need to present proof and sign a witness statement, and they have to confront my employer about it.
That doesn’t work for me, as I might as well just report it direct to my employer!.

I’m wondering if you can think of any solutions to bring this situation to justice?
And before you suggest that the employer will eventually find out - he has got away with it for over 11 years, because of the very clever way in which he is going about doing it.

Thanks for any advice
5 mo
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How to get fraud/embezzlement investigated?
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