Does being a high school dropout make me a bad person?

I dropped out of high school after my sophomore year, and some people treat me like I'm the scum of the earth because of it. People think that I'm a bad person for not completing school like I quit school just to live a life of crime. Here's the real reason I dropped out of school.

During my freshman year of high school, my mother and my first stepdad were going through a divorce and my now former stepdad took EVERYTHING from my mom and I and left us homeless living with my sister, and my sister was on drugs and was emotionally abusive towards me.
During my sophomore year, my mother, my second and current stepdad, and I already got an apartment. But during just my sophomore year, my mom and current stepdad got married, my grandmother and my step-grandmother passed away (all within 7 months!!), and I had to take time off school to attend to those situations.
So the school wanted me to do the work I've missed and the work we're doing currently, and obviously, I couldn't keep up with it all. The teachers were harassing me nonstop, embarrassing me in front of the class, sending emails to my mom. Then one day broke the camel's back when my old teacher who watched too many and movies acted like Al Capone and said "you BETTER get that work done or else you're being held back and coming back to my class." After that I said fuck the schools I ain't DOIN' SHIT!!!

So there, I dropped out of school because of the mistreatment in public schools and the toll it had on my mental health, and yet I'm the villain. I'm not selling drugs for a living, I haven't really left my house since. Had trouble finding a job until my mom started a medical billing company and hired me. I find it ironic how public schools say they care about the students when really they're there to get a power high from bullying kids and get paid for it.
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Does being a high school dropout make me a bad person?
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