Am I just ditzy?


So as you can see, I have quite the post history on Reddit for the time I’ve been a member. I mostly post about work advice, anxiety and under dating advice. I’m 26 and think I’m just stupid. Let me explain: I’ve never worked in leadership, I previously worked in academic advising and in my 2nd week as a career services coordinator at another school, I’m very oblivious and get distracted easily. I just don’t understand why I can never excel at a role, I am having a pity party but I really feel like I try my best. When it came to meetings, providing input/suggestions, noticing discrepancies in the depts etc, I am CLUELESS. Nothing ever comes to mind, it’s when someone else brings it up, that’s when the light bulb goes on. It’s just never enough, I worked in academic advising and dealt with tons of students, my boss would go weeks without talking to me and then boom there were corrections that presented itself back to back. I’m new to career services in this new job and we are in week two, doing go to trainings about their resume/getting an idea of what they wanna do before graduating. I’m missing things in the resume, this is brand new to me but my other counterpart is also new & putting in her suggestions to the students/excelling in communication. I am glad for her if she is good at what she does but I really don’t want to come across as inadequate to management/the students. She has years of experience in higher ed, I don’t think specifically career services. I just have a hard time expressing myself and I feel there’s always some kind of correction that’s brought to my attention from someone with any job I’ve had. I’m at the point where I just want to walk out and quit this new job. It’s always a repeat of issues I’ve had at previous jobs. Why bother if my effort isn’t ever enough? Input please, am I as dumb as I presume? You can also check post history and I’ll answer any questions.
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Am I just ditzy?
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