Do you think remote work is here to stay?

There’s talk of returning to work after the pandemic, except some of these big companies are incorporating work from home policies in just the last few weeks. It’s very hard to read how they will approach their operations once restrictions are lifted.

Honestly, I don’t like being apart from people, and actually meeting new faces,
but I do like the freedom it brings, almost more than I dislike being away from people. Like if I could just feel like I’m not locked into living in a certain place. I would love to move and go and live literally where ever I wanted and just put my hours in at work and have the lifestyle I wanted outside of work. To get away from the hustle and bustle of commuting everyday on crowded and torn up roads, to just go and live far away in a more natural and quieter, cheaper area, just sounds so much better.

I love the big city, but on my terms.
Do you think remote work is here to stay?
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