Should I go back to being a bagger at my job?

First things first, I’m probably the best person at pushing carts and the best bagger but that’s my opinion. If you see me doing that stuff you’ll see. But last year, I got “promoted “ (same pay but different spot up front of the grocery store) to cashier. From day 1 , I hated it. Customers always had a attitude, I had to talk to everyone even though I stutter with a speech Impediment so I hate talking constantly and it’s just not as fun as being a bagger is. Now I’m a year in , my mom said to give it some time which I did and I still hate it. I feel that being a cashier has taken a toll on my mental health because I used to be happy 24/7 and liked work now I’m only happy when I’m out and away from the register. Apparently If I switch I won't get the boss mad but I’ll disappoint her. Do I care about disappointing her? No. She doesn’t fire anymore unless they steal money or come in drunk or high and I’m only switching to a bagger. Also they implemented this stupid AF plan that makes no sense. If I get a fruit or vegetable , I must scan it even if the codes nearly impossible to find. But if I know every plu code (which I do ) I can’t enter it. I’d rather pick up garbage every hour than work here but this job is fun... outside pushing carts. That’s it. Maybe it’s just me and my personality but I love pushing in carts because it’s a work out. but should I go back to bagger? Baggers push in carts and bag
Should I go back to being a bagger at my job?
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