Am I being a greedy jerk in this business situation?

I put in my 2 weeks and my boss asked me to stay until he found a replacement. I gave him my word i would but we both assumed it wasn’t going to be very long but now its been almost 2 months. Now he’s thinking about selling almost 30 clients because he can't find someone to replace me. I thought of a win win for the both of us but i feel like im being a greedy jerk maybe? I really want to leave and have plans to move to another city by the end of summer. So staying longer here is only holding me back plus i have a side job that i make just as much. When i put in my 2 weeks i got moved to 2 days a week and my clients handed to another employee. So a win win would be for me to stay even longer until he finds a replacement (3months+) if he gives me a raise and i make what i was making full time or close to that. He would keep his clients and i could get a raise which would be a win win. I believe his business will be in WAY better shape if he gets to keep his clients instead of selling them.
Am I being a greedy jerk in this business situation?
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