Is it normal to find one job boring and another fun?

At this moment, I have two jobs.

Boring job without any chance of ever getting promoted:
Working as a phone translator since 2015. Prior to that, I've been doing nothing but work at call center. There is no new skills to learn; just taking back-to-back calls and reading the same script forever. You're still working for someone else's company and you're just a worker.

Fun job where you can learn and have no supervisors:
I've opened up an online bakery acount this year and made my first sales on Feb 15. It's on the process of growing and will take some time. Some foods and a soup have been recently included so now it's not just desserts. My goal is to turn it into both an international bakery and restaurant in the future; a home diversity; a place fun of different tastes.
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My goal in the near future is to have the fun job become my permanent job and say goodbye forever to the boring one.
Is it normal to find one job boring and another fun?
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