Fraud or Work Smart?

I got the new job, After 3 weeks working there, lockdowns and very long holidays. Not so much working from home.

here's the thing tho,
Im not good or what would i called it a beginner at photoshop, that I mentioned I am good at it in my resume. I learnt it but didn’t practice it, for most part. I forgot about what I learnt. The same thing with My Degree in photography, graduated but didn't really practice it. Yes, I am still suck at those technical camera stuff.

I have plenty time to learn using those photoshop but I didn't. No excuses for that.

Then here it comes, the works after long holiday and lockdowns.

Instead of designing those works by myself. What I did, I am using envanto aka I bought a design and still edit it myself.

The due date is coming pretty fast, to design all of it by myself. Working hard (I am someone who works hard) and learn the photoshop, will take forever.

I feel guilty. Hard to describe really. Tbh, I dont even know why I am asking this in here.
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Fraud or Work Smart?
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