Japanophilia at animation school?

I teach at an animation school and the other teacher is very skillfull but shows exclusively anime from Japan and or Star Wars trailers.

I disagree with this because it is not the style being taught to the students. Anime animation style is very difficult and specific and most of the students need to be exposed to other styles as well. Also Anime industry is severely underpaid compared to western studios who will be looking for a different style completely. He also has says nothing about the history of animation and it's evolution over time. And he never talks about the use of composition and framing to demonstrate abstract concepts. He just goes "this fight looks pretty sick"

He is really good at posture and pose and fights.

I did a lesson on shadow, two tones, composition and shapes setting moods. And linked it back to baroque painting and batman. This is my favorite thing to demonstrate.

I was not taught like this. What do you think? Am I being silly?
Japanophilia at animation school?
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