Have you ever felt like a teacher or teaching staff had feelings for you but just never acted on them because they knew it was wrong?

I've had this feeling a lot in the past. I know how wrong this sounds and I do not turn condone types of relationships at all it's wrong plan and simple.

When I got to around 15 years old puberty hit me like a train. I had massive boobs and arse appear from no were and imagine how that looked in a English school girl uniform. My boobs got boobs got so big but I'd have cleavage if I unbuttoned my shirt a little I'd have to constantly buy new ones because it looked so inappropriate.

I won't lie I was hot af back then and I had a sexy body but I didn't see it at the time. I've always been a lot more intellectually and emotionally mature compared to others my age this meant I didn't really fit in with most people my own age as they didn't get me so instead most the teaching staff would chat with me..

When I went to a new high school all the boys secretly wanted to fuck me but I was so innocent in that area I had no idea. There was also a lot of young male teaching staff aged around 23/26 ish. Some were really cute and all the girls liked them but because of my dyslexia I got more attention.

Sometimes in one to one's it felt extremely awkward and intense like if they were careful something bad was gonna happen with me.
One or two of the male staff members took their duty of care a little to far with me for example yelling at other boys for bullying and acting extremely over protective. One even used to buy me dinner because I wouldn't eat and would let me walk around in his jacket at break time. Things got a little to intense between us and he soon quit his job.

I've always felt like there was more going on on the heads of these males because they looked so uncomfortable around me and would go red in the face and sweat in certain situations.
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One of these teaching assistant was mine and my familes tennis coach and we went church with him too. He seemed the most protective of me and after he broke up with his girlfriend he would make suggestive comments. He even says know I'm older how much of a beautiful woman I've grown into and constantly hugs me and tells me I look stunning I'm kinda awkward about it but he's a family friend too so I take as him just being nice.

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The other guy who quit his job because things got to much between us I believe anyway won't even look at me now when I see him in the pub. I tried talking to him and he said "Alice you know I can't be seen talking to you". This guy was Greek and the one who would buy my dinner and make me eat and let me ware his jacket. People would joke he was boyfriend at school and that's were it got awkward. He'd also chaperone me in a taxi on my way home from school.
Sometimes things got uncomfortably close.
Have you ever felt like a teacher or teaching staff had feelings for you but just never acted on them because they knew it was wrong?
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