Why am I too dumb to get my Learners Permit?

am I stupid? like actually.
Why have i failed my learners 3 times and why is it so hard. I feel like people judge me because I can’t drive yet and I just feel like I’m not smart enough to get it. my mom is like “well obviously you don’t study enough to get it.” I've STUDIED EVERYTHING I CAN FIND FOR THE LEARNERS TESTS. and I just feel so stupid because everybody tells me how easy it is and how they get it their first try and it just seems like I can’t do anything. I asked my mom if i can study more and if she can take me this weekend, and she's like “well you better study because it gets expensive if you keep failing and if you don’t get it this time you’re gonna be in big trouble.” and like I don't know i just feel like a disappointment since i’m 16 (going into grade 12) and don’t even have my
Why am I too dumb to get my Learners Permit?
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