Should I lie about my marijuana use?

I'm looking to get a government job but I do have a history of marijuana usage. I no longer smoke weed but I'm not sure if I should lie about it.
I've heard mixed answers on this but most agree I should lie ONLY if I know I won't get caught, and the only physical evidence I can think of is:
1) I got a single housing violation about a year or 2 back for having weed in my room. Not lit, no photo evidence (to my knowledge), and I was not in the room at the time. I recieved an email about it then it was never brought up again.
2) I failed a drug test for a job I had back in 2018. I was allowed to keep the internship due to my performance and the fact my boss quit so I ran the department (Sounds crazy but yeah I reported directly to the VP of my department and was given access to tons of information including to SSNs of over 900 families).

Given the fact that I know the second company "purges"/warehouses records every 3 years I'm not really concerned about them. However I don't know about my apartment because I still live here, though I switched apartment rooms last year. Should I lie?
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Should I lie about my marijuana use?
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