Am I Too Stupid For Biology?

I just started my senior year of high school a few days ago and I need a science to graduate and I’ve been taking biology. Last year I ended Biology grade 11 with barely 55%. I NEED this course to graduate and I’m scared I won’t pass because it’s on a few days in and I’m already extremely overwhelmed. I was sitting with my boyfriend today and at first I wanted to cry because it seemed like he knew what was going on and I was completely lost. I’m trying to study but I don’t understand how to study effectively to make sure i remember everything. I’m just terrified I need to graduate and i need to do well in this course. I also have a job and other responsibilities so I don’t have a whole lot of extra time on my plate to help myself understand. I just feel too stupid because even when I do study I don’t do well on exams I never have.
Am I Too Stupid For Biology?
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