Help me take a strong decision?

Guys, please help me in sorting out my mind.
I'll tell you all the entire story as briefly as possible.
I wanted to be a doctor as a child, but because of our financial conditions I was not able to choose that career path.
Then I started cooking as a hobby, so I thought why not become a chef, but again I was not allowed coz my parents thought there was no scope in that. And out of respect for them and being dumb enough to not research and make them understand properly I said ok to whatever they told me to choose.
Then I did my graduation (Bachelors of Technology) in Computer science. While I was in college I became very competitive and started applying for all the big companies and started preparing for everything.
But... That's where I felt this is not where I belong.
I got a pretty decent job with a very much decent salary.. That was enough for me.
But each and every day it's eating me out on what my decision should be.
I am still to figure out properly on what my passion is. But from what I know I've always loved dancing and music. I would be in my worst mood but nothing makes me happy more than dance. It's not only about dance but also being known to people.
Here comes my question.
There are 2 paths in front of me... Continue with the job and lead a normal, peaceful life with I guess no satisfaction or take a risk and do something that I'll love.
I know most of you will say the second one obviously... but I am really scared to take that step coz of not being able to take any decisions in my life I became this way.. Now this is where I have to choose this or that.
Do you all think I will succeed in the path where my passion lies?
This question might sound stupid coz of obvious answer, but you know it takes away my whole day thinking about this.
Help me take a strong decision?
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