Favoritism or insecurity?

So I just started a job as a sales associate about a month ago, another girl got hired right after me, she knows the manager personally, they've worked together at a different job in the past and they go to church together, this girl acts like an excited puppy with customers, and is always on top of them as soon has they come in the store, sometimes before they even get through our doors she'll meet them outside. She also has talked down to me, interferred with my work and just gives me the impression that she just views me as a child.. Recently she started cutting me off with my customers to answer their questions and divert their attention to her instead, the last time she did it the customers got annoyed and left.

I went to the manager about it and today the manager enforced us taking turns with the customers. Today I failed to notice a customer within the first 15 seconds of them coming inside, and manager reprimanded me on the middle of the floor in front of customers and the girl I've been having issues with. I have never seen my manager do that to anyone before and even when I tried expressing the issues I've been having on the floor without being accusatory the most my manager did was tell us verbally to take turns with the customers then ignored the situation. The only reason the turns became enforced today is because the assistant manager noticed what was going on and had a talk with the manager.

At this I don't know what to think but feel very discouraged with the entire situation.
Favoritism or insecurity?
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