Should I just leave, 2 weeks notice or tough it out, ?

I've worked in CPS for 4 months. I have 38 visits that are an hour long in an 80 hour bi weekly
period. Friday I carried out a bag and hugged a coworker who was quitting because of the stress level. A caseworker was In the building. Apparently the mother told her kids that grandpa burned to death I listened to the whole thing but the 10 minutes I helped my co worker. So I owned up to it and told my supervisor she wanted to write me up she could. She didn't like my tone so she went to my director. So my director belittled me like I was 5. When I have a problem im to go to my supervisor with solutions not problems, I dont understand what her job is for then? Apparently going outside grabbing a cigarette and then coming back in to grab my purse for lunch is not allowed and they will schedule my hour lunch and my 2 15 minute breaks if they have to. They say I'm all about punishing, criticism and putting families down and not about reunification. My stand point is friendly and I'm there to encourage the parents mental health and be a shoulder when they need it. I do believe that parents need to correct a child's behavior on their own. They should know what's appropriate and what's not. If a parent isn't showing up for 6 months, then we need to give custody to a family member or adoption because its hurting the child more and the parent becomes a stranger.
Should I just leave, 2 weeks notice or tough it out, ?
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