Why do boys underperform girls in school?

From elementary school through college, girls are more disciplined about their schoolwork than boys; they study harder and get better grades. Girls consistently outperform boys academically (this is true across countries as well).

Data from internationally benchmarked tests show that boys lag behind girls on test averages. In all but six of the 72 countries participating in PISA, 15-year-old boys are more likely than girls of the same age to be low-achievers on the composite average of all three subjects tested.

boys outscore girls at the top of the distribution, and they underperform at the bottom. Across the OECD countries, 6 out of 10 underachievers—“those who fail to meet the baseline standard of proficiency across the tests”—are boys. Boys are more likely than girls to repeat a grade, less likely to attend college, and less likely to persist in attaining a degree if they do (here and here).

Why is this? Is it because of something biological that makes boys underperform in school, I’m just guessing and if they underperform in schools compared to girls than why do they hold 95 percent of the top positions in the largest public companies?



Why do boys underperform girls in school?
Why do boys underperform girls in school?
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