Science or arts?

I'm torn beween science or arts. I love chemistry and physics. Eventho I don't like math. But I also like to write and draw. I want to win a Nobelprice in chemistry or physics (If that's even still possible) I also want that one day my comics will be on store shelves, that people cosplay my character, talk about it or even that my comics will be adapted in live action or in anime. Both science nand arts spark joy so to speak.
I wish to see your arguments for what you think is the best option. I know its my decicion. I just want to talk to someone who maybe had the same dilema or a similar dilema. I don't expect STEM students to use this app, or full time artists sine both are proably busy with more important stuff. by the way I take time off for a year so I have a year to decide. wish me luck.
Science or arts?
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