How often do you skip your work shift?

I try to be good. I really do Lord. But these mfs think they got a mf fool. My shift this week is 8:30-7:30p working Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. And then they also just assigned me to work this Saturday and Sunday. I dont need the money but its nice to have it to save up and shit. Idgaf about overtime pay when i hate a job. But My job expects us to play employee, technician, suicidal counselor, tax preparer, debt collector, college advisor, employee trainer and im just over the shit. I really wanna quit but can't find anything with better pay atm. They fckin with our mental health more then the clients. Fuck all these hoeass people cause I’m bout to skip a day and go to the carnival fair or casino but i can't decide which day yet. Should i skip Saturday or Sunday? Or both? But these hoes are so petty that they make you make up missed hours the following week. So i do worry about that because next week i gotta go play trainer and train these people who probably won't wear a mask and i sure as heck ain't get no shot. So yea 🤷‍♀️ Its fcked up ether way
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If I were you, I’d skip Saturday
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3 mo
So we all just stopped giving a fck and sent out emails to eachother saying we hate this job and that we all plan to skip a day of work because its affecting our mental/physical health. The sups have sent out an office email about suicidal prevention and they gone and cut our work hours for next month 🤣 Its like an odd punishment or some shit. Im already ignoring my clients today
3 mo
Now i work 7:30-6:30 all next week when i have to train these new bastards. Im surely skipping this weekend now
How often do you skip your work shift?
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