Help, I feel alienated?

I think I don't belong to this world.

I have no passions or even willing to work for a career.
Whatever I thought I had, I got bored and lost the will to do anything.

I even played games and did coloring because I thought my teenage was stolen away from me, but after few days, I'm bored again.

All I ever constantly did is procrastinate, daydream and escaped to another world with my fictional character.

I am not so active, networking and busy as hell like others. I just hate ALL this.

But that doesn't mean I'm a loser, I came first in NASA school olympiad because I loved space and mysteries.
But I hate physics and MATHS ten times more, so I dropped the idea.

I came first academically sometimes and sometimes in acting/drawing competitions.

I wanna be an actor and rich, basically I want to live luxurious life. But now I am lost and don't believe in myself.

I'm scared that there are thousands of younger girls better than me, so I'm not gonna make it.
1 mo
Also I'm not consistent and especially hate hate hate to BE PATIENT and tolerating being rejected many times.
1 mo
Basically I lack energy and enthusiasm like others. I do things very very slow.
Help, I feel alienated?
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