Why are there people who dream of looking intellectual?

I have a classmate who has already repeated three years of school and he always does things wrong because he is something silly and remembering something that happened in the last exam I had, the whole class copied my answer thinking that because I am quiet because of Therefore I am intelligent, but I am not intelligent, the point is that I gave the wrong answer and a classmate copied from me and passed that answer to the whole class and they all seemed very sure of the answer just because I had given it and The boy who repeated three years said the answer to my other classmates with great confidence saying that he had studied and knew about the subject. (he always copies my answers or asks me to give him the answers)

There is also a girl who became my friend just to see what was the system that I used to do my work, which was very orderly and with good handwriting, at the end of the period (that's what we call in Colombia a school period that passes for us ) She confessed to me that she couldn't believe that I had been above her average student body and that she would regain her spot as the 2nd best student in the class because she wasn't going to let someone like me take it away from her, so she started to do the identical jobs to mine and I helped her thinking that she had approached me because she wanted to be my friend but in reality she just wanted to improve me.

Maybe there are some things that you do not understand well so I use a translator, if you have any questions you can ask me
Why are there people who dream of looking intellectual?
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