My college University is now mandating the covid booster? Will this shit ever end? Or will they continue with their tyranny for as long as we comply?


So I want to tell my College Dean that he is an absolute asshole.

He is being unreasonably paranoid and there is absolutely no practical reason to mandate these vaccines.

This isn’t polio we’re talking about, it’s an illness similar to the flu.

And yet my college doesn’t mandate the flu vaccine. Which mind you has been in research for far longer.

So I’d like to think I’m a pretty reasonable guy. I don’t buy into vaccine conspiracies on Facebook or anything like that. I don’t use weird things as personal medication either.

But at the same time I have the common sense to realize that the death tolls are inflated because they count people who died with covid even though its usually attributable to other causes.

As a matter of fact very few otherwise healthy people have actually died of the virus. It’s been almost exclusively really old people or those with adverse health conditions.

Not to mention how the best defense against any virus is to train your immune system against it. And also how effective excercise tends to be.

Anyways, once someone becomes infected with covid for the first time, the body adapts far superior defense mechanisms than does somebody who’s never been infected and only has gotten the vaccine.

And even though I do acknowledge that there are a lot of people who have died of covid that should have been more concerned, this is getting ridiculous.

When they first mandated the vaccine I got it thinking all this covid shit would be over before I knew it.

But no. They just discover more variants of the virus. And they come up with even MORE vaccines you need.

Pretty soon they’ll mandate EVEN MORE boosters after, just as they have in Israel.

Anyways I’m tired of dealing with their bullshit and it pisses me off.

It’s so upsetting that my college is forcing me to do something I’m uncomfortable with just so I can pursue my dream education.

Anyways I have a month until the policy takes effect. So I’m thinking of gathering signatures from students.
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Basically my idea is that if I gather signatures from enough students who threaten to leave the University if they don’t reverse course, this might force them to change their mind.

Just as it has here with Rhode Island medical workers. Enough of them banded together and said “we will not comply” to the point where a shortage in workers forced them to reverse course.

The only problem is that this is much more difficult in college. There are 13,000 people at my University.
Not less than 50.
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Here’s the story that inspired me. I’m thinking of getting the conservative group on campus to set up table and gather signatures so we can personally bring it to the disgraced Chancellor’s desk.

Problem is a lot of college students are themselves liberal and many parents on Facebook have openly been supportive of the mandate.
My college University is now mandating the covid booster? Will this shit ever end? Or will they continue with their tyranny for as long as we comply?
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