At Home

My second job experience and why I won't be going back to it.

As a lot of you know during covid-19,a lot of resturaunts closed down and went to delivery or takeout only. My job was closed till May...

Books I recommend for learning German (classics)

Since I only really like classics, here are the books I recommend for diving into Central European and German culture. I mostly chose...

How to get past childhood bullying in adulthood

All through school i was bullied for lots of different reasons. I've always been very petite so i was easy to push around and I can be...

What It's Really Like Having Dyslexia!

I was diagnosed with dyslexia along with dyspraxia and short term memory loss aged 7. The dyspraxia and short term memory loss are kind...

My parents are kicking me out - Deadline to leave home @18

I am sorry to only write someting about this now but I have been incredibly busy with fixing my life. I have one week of school left and...

I might not work anymore

It feels so weird. When I finished highschool I was in the top 5% of students in the country. Here when you finish the highest level of...

Why to some people that didn’t go to college seem to dislike or mock people who went to college?

My working class family will put down people with degrees and down play a college education and mockingly call them the college educated...

An English language question?

In math, do you say "the standard form of derivative" or "the standard form of the derivative"? Do we need an article before "derivative"?

Why does time seem to pass faster when I'm not at school?

School was cancelled in March due to the virus. I went back in August. Those 5 months of no-school felt like a blur. Meanwhile, I'll be...

Can anyone who's Persian or knows Persian help me out?

I'm trying to figure out the best way to learn to read and write Farsi. I can speak it and understand it because my parents taught me...

What would you do in my situation?

so im from pakistan but (born and raised in usa) and im in an arranged marriage situation. so the guy wants to go to usa and start a...

Why is my Boss Competing with me?

I’m a woman and a Mechanic. I’m a lower level mechanic learning more complicated tasks other than lube and etc... I was hired as a Level...

What book had the greatest impact on you?

For me it's a tie between Man's search for meaning and the Law of Success. Looking for potential recommendations :)

Is it sad that the pandemic ruined my last year of high school?

We were supposed to have pep rallies, a fall festival with food and games, field trips, dances, etc. We can't anymore due to the pandemic.

Would you go for less stressful, happy but less paying job OR highly stressful, but more paying job?

Would you go for less stressful, happy but less paying job OR highly stressful, but more paying job?

Have you ever been in a classroom that was very crowded and how did you feel about it?

Imagine you had a test in a super crowded classroom. How would you feel about it? Do you think you'd be able to concentrate on the test?...

What do you do and what is your yearly income (go anonymous if you like to)?

What do you do and what is your yearly income (go anonymous if you like to)?

Do I get paid for clocking in early & not working?

I come to work early because parking is cancerous after awhile. Sometimes I’m even 30 minutes early. I clock in the computer when I...

Does it make sense to leave a job where you feel mistreated but you’ll be making less money?

I want to leave where I currently work, I feel like co workers & management are not crazy for me. However, I am interviewing & came...

What thought process & action helped/is helping you to succeed?

Could be something as simple as finding the energy or drive to get up and take a piss. Photo by "Mahdi Dastmard" on Unsplash