At Home

My second job experience and why I won't be going back to it.

As a lot of you know during covid-19,a lot of resturaunts closed down and went to delivery or takeout only. My job was closed till May...

Books I recommend for learning German (classics)

Since I only really like classics, here are the books I recommend for diving into Central European and German culture. I mostly chose...

How to get past childhood bullying in adulthood

All through school i was bullied for lots of different reasons. I've always been very petite so i was easy to push around and I can be...

What It's Really Like Having Dyslexia!

I was diagnosed with dyslexia along with dyspraxia and short term memory loss aged 7. The dyspraxia and short term memory loss are kind...

My parents are kicking me out - Deadline to leave home @18

I am sorry to only write someting about this now but I have been incredibly busy with fixing my life. I have one week of school left and...

I might not work anymore

It feels so weird. When I finished highschool I was in the top 5% of students in the country. Here when you finish the highest level of...

Do you think once you get rejected from a job there's nothing you can do?

As in the decision is final and to just accept it? I mean sometimes in school you can talk to your prof about your grade but once you...

Do yo uthink a social media post that makes you sound sillly can affect a job search?

I mean I put up a post where I sound like i'm 5 years old and kind of silly. Do you really think that would affect a job search? I'm...

Why do teachers take minor things so seriously?

My school has vending machines, with snacks and drinks, near the restrooms. I asked to go to the restroom and on my way back to class, I...

What is your opinion on forex trading?

Some company keeps calling me every week regarding this online trading thing but I have no idea how that works and not planning to try....

College graduates: did you go back to school?

I just graduated with my BA in psychology. Finding out it isn't really a useful degree. Im officially 30,000 in debt. Did you go back to...

Accidentally hurt my boss - what do I do?

Over the past 2 months my boss has had me move the tables in our office (there’s about twnety of them) around three different times....

Advice for teachers from non students?

What would've made your life easier, how a teacher could've helped more and things teachers did that you appreciate?

Starting college at 22 is too late?

Is it paranoia or is it really late?

Home School or Institutional education school?

What do you think is the best for the children to develop skillsets of life and talent which is better and why? Where do you think kids...

Should I quit my f**king job?

How do you manage depression caused by job. It has been 4 months. Not even a day passed when I didn't have depression anxiety due to...

How good is your knowledge of IT, play this Who Wants to be a Millionaire game that I made for IT, let me know how you did?