10 Of The Most Gruesome/Disturbing Comic Books Out There

10 Of The Most Gruesome/Disturbing Comic Books Out There

Even though it says comic books, some of these might technically be graphic novels or mangas.

And these are all ones I've personally read, so if you know any that are just as bad or worse, feel free to put 'em in the comment section :)

1. Crossed - Garth Ennis10 Of The Most Gruesome/Disturbing Comic Books Out There

If any comic book could give the movie A Serbian Film a run for its money it would be this vile, evil bastard.

Of course, anything with Ennis's name attached to it is going to be extremely hardcore f*cked up, and you might feel like you need a shower after reading it. The one thing that stuck with me is the Crossed literally ripping a girl apart while they butt raped both her parents and made them watch.

Nihilistic and cruel as all hell, Nothing is safe in the Crossed universe. Even a poor dolphin gets victimized in very unpleasant ways.

2. Verotika - Various10 Of The Most Gruesome/Disturbing Comic Books Out There

Glen Danzig's Verotika comics made some of the weirdest and most hardcore erotic/horror comics of the 90s.

At least it did draw some of the top talent at the time, Including Frazetta, who did some Death Dealer comics there!

3. Joker10 Of The Most Gruesome/Disturbing Comic Books Out There

If you want to see the Joker at his absolute psychotic best (worst????), then this is the graphic novel for you.

Honestly, The Killing joke is a children's comic compared to this.

4. The Boys - Garth Ennis10 Of The Most Gruesome/Disturbing Comic Books Out There

Another Garth Ennis original and the one he said would out-Preacher the Preacher comic book. The Boys really is dark and hellaciously depraved, but it is supported by a fascinating story and great characters.

And it has one of my favorite covers of all time!10 Of The Most Gruesome/Disturbing Comic Books Out There

5. Any comic based on the works of Clive Barker10 Of The Most Gruesome/Disturbing Comic Books Out There

There's a lot of them and I love the all! <3

6. Berserk: The Conviction Arc10 Of The Most Gruesome/Disturbing Comic Books Out There

Okay, all the arcs in Berserk are extremely f*cked up (especially after the events of the Eclipse) but it is my favorite manga ever. <3

This is the arc where Guts started acting somewhat human again and interacting with other people, and it's also where Griffith stops being the Femto and is reborn so he can walk the human world again but he is still the demon god.

If you don't know what I'm talking about, you really need to read Berserk.10 Of The Most Gruesome/Disturbing Comic Books Out There

7. The Convent of Hell10 Of The Most Gruesome/Disturbing Comic Books Out There

This erotic graphic novel is all about evil nuns and one very horny goat devil. One of the highlights has to be when the Vatican sends in their holy special forces squad to kill every damn body.

8. The Young Witches collection10 Of The Most Gruesome/Disturbing Comic Books Out There

Like Coven from Hell, I bout a bunch of these out of old Heavy Metal magazines. This is the best Euros comic out there; it's even better than anything I ever found in Heavy Metal.

The whole series is epic and just page to page nastiness. The cover to issue #2 was the only non-hardcore thing I could find.

9. Marvel Zombies10 Of The Most Gruesome/Disturbing Comic Books Out There

Sometimes even Marvel comics gets nasty as hell, and Zombies was the best! I love those comics :)

And there was that time they decided to kill off all their major characters off-panel. But they inexplicably showed a panel of the Blob eating the Wasp.10 Of The Most Gruesome/Disturbing Comic Books Out There

The Ultimatum storyline was just crazy as hell........

10. Dark Horse Horror Comics10 Of The Most Gruesome/Disturbing Comic Books Out There

The best of the best of horror comics IMHO.

Some others worth mentioning:

- The Walking Dead

- Ferals from Avatar comics

-Preacher, Of course

- Sandman

- Spider-Man Noir#1, Because the Vulture freaking eats Uncle Ben

- Hard Boiled by Frank Miller. It makes Sin City look very tame

- Devil Man

- Akira in some parts

- The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Volume II, Watchman, and pretty much anything else by Alan Moore

- Harvest

- Jeffrey Dahmer: An Unauthorized Biography of a Serial Killer

- Severed

- Uzumaki

- From Hell

- The Joker beating the living hell out of Robin in A Death in the Family

- The Killing Joke

- A lot of the Punisher graphic novels

- The Breed

-Satan's sodomy baby (never read this one but heard about it)

That's all I can think of right now



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  • I've already read Marvel Zombies, a few Dark Horse stuff, and a bit of Berserk. Is Joker supposed to be the one from the 70s? I've yet to read it. It's actually darker than The Killing Joke?


Most Helpful Guy

  • No Hellblazer?

    • That is a great choice!

    • Yeah, and with things like a demon called fuckpig that inhabits the body of a mob bosses deceased 8 year old which then goes around with a sharpened penis that rapes them in the guts.
      I'd say it belongs on this list

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  • Dark, violent and graphic comic books or manga, it's not entirely new to me anymore. I did read many of Garth's Ennis's Punisher Marvel MAX editions, as those were the overall better versions of Punisher comics meant for mature and adult readers. They were all very brutal, but it fits perfectly for The Punisher.

    I have to read those Joker comics and see how fucked up he has become and what really fucked up shit he had done compared to Nolan's version in The Dark Knight.

    But what about black humour or black comedy or any similar elements where they try to satire things, be sarcastic, and somewhat or at least tried to be funny and over the top? Is any of those themes or elements included in any of those comic books or graphic novels in any of the ones above you had listed?

    Also, speaking of horror comic books, what about "The Strain" is that any good in your opinion?

    I remember there had been comics for Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees, and Leatherface were also dark, graphic, gory and brutal also. Think they were all done by Avatar Press or something, don't exactly remember.

  • Oh good lord, a friend of mine recommended Crossed and after 3 years, I still love it. It's sick perversion had me hooked, even though I was still very young and still am, there's no way that I'm going to stop reading it.

  • Great take. Of these I've only read Joker and am only familiar with Creepy, in which now I'm very interested to read. And only saw a couple of the Hellraiser films years ago (fucked up stuff for sure).

    I don't think I'll be reading Crossed, just as I haven't watched a Serbian Film, anytime soon lol

    Last few comic books I read were probably the latest Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (yes, it is pretty dark believe it or not), and Old Man Logan (pretty dark too). But these seems on another level, probably not for me.

    I had no idea Danzig made a comic book by the way.

    • The Old man Logan story is great :)

    • It's great. People often dismiss comic books because they think is made for man-children, but often offer great story-lines, and social critique. Gore it's not my thing, though. I can do with violence as long as there's a message they want to come across, like on Watchmen. Big fan of that.

  • Good my take, you did miss good old Johnny The Homicidal Maniac though... Nee would be very angry with you and theirs this spot...

  • Just outta curiosity: who else wants a Red Hood solo story where he goes full-Rambo on criminals, like torture, that hard R-rating kinda stuff?

  • Wow - It is extremely weird where the imagination can take some people - Way too dark for me - I prefer my fiction a bit more vanilla.

    • why not the best comic called "Sex"

      i am joking about it being the best, but am not joking about the name.

  • Interesting, I've never seen any of these comics, I'll check them out if I manage to find them in nearby comic stores.


  • You forgot about those Japanese comics with toddlers being gang-raped.


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