Most Powerful Justice League Members: My Top Ten

I already did one about the Avengers. This one is about the Justice League just like I promised. It wasn't easy to make this list since most of them would make good candidates for the top spot. If you have a different list or feel that someone else should be on here, feel free to comment below :)

Most Powerful Justice League Members: My Top Ten

10. Wonder Woman

Her powers are a result of a blessing from the Gods. She was originally created as a female version of Superman but she's grown into her own character. She's not as strong as Superman but strong enough to keep up with him. And even though Superman's travel speed is faster, Diana has got better combat speed. She's more agile and has better reflexes. She's thousands of years old and has more fighting experience than anyone in the League. Batman once stated her to be the best melee fighter in the DC universe. Here are her abilities

• Superhuman Strength (Managed to move a part of the Earth with help from Superman and Martian Manhunter.)

• Superhuman Speed

• Invulnerability/Durability (Can easily survive explosions but is vulnerable against bullets and sharp objects.)

• Flight

• Healing Factor

• Divine Wisdom

• Enhanced Sense

In addition to these powers, she has a lot of equipment at her disposal.

• Lasso of Truth (Made of unbreakable gold and brings out the truth.)

• Bracelets of Victory (Impenetrable and she uses it to block attacks. In the New 52 though, their powers are to keep her in check.)

• Royal Tiara (Sharp enough to cut almost anything.)

• The Invisible Jet

Most Powerful Justice League Members: My Top Ten

9. Captain Marvel (Shazam)

Originally called Captain Marvel, they recently changed the character's name to Shazam! to avoid any confusion with Marvel's Captain Marvel. He has the power of six Greek Gods. The letters that make up his name are initials for these Gods.

S for the Wisdom of Solomon (along with superhuman knowledge, clairvoyance, hypnosis, being omnilingual, and good conscience)

H for the Strength of Hercules (managed to stalemate Superman in arm-wrestling)

A for the Stamina of Atlas (Also does not need to eat, sleep, or breathe.)

Z for the Power of Zeus (Along with magical resistance, lightning, sorcery, and healing)

A for the Courage of Achilles

M for the Speed of Mercury (has superhuman speed, flight, and teleportation)

Most Powerful Justice League Members: My Top Ten

8. Green Lantern

I was thinking about Hal Jordan while typing this, but it can refer to other Green Lanterns too. They all have the same abilities (although at different scales), and the same potential. They get their powers from the Green Power Rings. This is said to be the most powerful weapon in the DC universe and gives the user a bunch of abilities, including

• Animating (Will things to move how they want.)

• Artificial Intelligence (The ring has its own AI with a large database of information.)

• Burglar Alarm (Can coat anything with the ring's beam, and the ring would glow if anyone other than the user touches it.)

• Telepathic Communication (Only with other Green Lanterns.)

• Energy Projection

• Energy Constructs

• Flight

• Invisibility

• Matter Manipulation

• Temperature Control

• Healing

And there are many more abilities.

Most Powerful Justice League Members: My Top Ten

7. Firestorm

So Firestorm is composed of 2 people; Ronnie Raymond and Jason Rusch. He can change freely between them. Both have strengths and weaknesses but I'll list both since Firestorm can switch at will.

Most Powerful Justice League Members: My Top Ten

Ronnie Raymond

• Molecular Manipulation (Can rearrange the atomic and subatomic structure of inorganic matter, rearranging subatomic particles to create objects of different atomic characteristics of equal mass.)

• Flight

• Intangibility

• Energy Manipulation

• Enhanced Physical Stats (Can lift up to 100 tons and has a healing factor with resistance to injury.)

Most Powerful Justice League Members: My Top Ten

Jason Rusch

• Transmutation (He can both transmute organic and inorganic matter just by looking at it.)

• Energy Blasts

• Enhanced Vision (Can see atomic interactions and the structure of molecules.)

• Flight

• Enhanced Physicality

• Intangibility

• Time sight

• Telepathic Links

Most Powerful Justice League Members: My Top Ten

6. Flash

So this is referring to both Barry Allen and Wally West. I originally thought of writing in both of them separately, but I also wanted there to be more space for other characters. I've already written a take about Barry. It might give you an idea of just how powerful he is.

Their power comes from the Speed Force, an energy field that grants all speedsters their power. This is what they are capable of

• Superhuman Speed (At billions of times the speed of light.)

• Phasing (Can vibrate his molecules through solids.)

• Air Vortexes

• Regenerative Healing

• Time/Dimensional Travel (Can time travel by going at near light speed and also vibrate through dimensions.)

• Decelerated Aging

• Infinite Mass Punch (Can use his speed to hit with the mass of "a white dwarf star".)

• Superhuman Durability

• Steal Theft (Can steal speed from others.)

• Superhuman Stamina

• Increased Perceptions (Can react billions of times faster than anyone.)

• Supercharged Brain Activity (Can think many times faster too, and that's an understatement.)

• Telepathic Immunity (His ability to have so many thoughts going through his head makes it really hard to read his mind.)

Most Powerful Justice League Members: My Top Ten

5. Superman

It was pretty obvious that he was going to be on this list. He's considered one of DC's biggest powerhouses and many even think of him as the most powerful character. He only had a few abilities in his very first appearance, but they just kept giving him more until they decided to stick with what they have. He was famous for "pulling tricks out of his ass". Keep in mind that he always holds back during fights so we never see him go all out. His abilities include

• Solar Battery (Gets his powers from the sun. He can absorb more solar energy to get stronger.)

• Regeneration (He can heal really fast when he's in direct contact with the sun's rays.)

• Solar Flare (Can use the solar energy to fire solar flares.)

• Heat Vision (Often referred to as "laser eyes". Works on the same principle as the solar flares.)

• Superlongevity (His lifespan is unknown, but he lived for 10,000 years in DC One Million without aging.)

• Flight (At many times the speed of light.)

• Invulnerability (There are very few things that can hurt him.)

• Super Strength (Can move planets easily. Could lift 200 quintillion tons pre-flashpoint but supposedly exceeds 5.972 sextillion metric tons now. He once lifted the Book of Eternity, which has infinite pages.)

• Super Endurance

• Superhuman breath (Can store large amounts of air in his lungs and use it to create a storm.)

• Freeze Breath (Can compress the air in his lungs before blowing it out.)

• Superhuman senses

∙ X-Ray Vision (Can see through anything except Lead.)

∙ Superhuman Hearing (Can hear the heartbeat of everyone on the planet.)

∙ Telescopic Vision

∙ Microscopic Vision

• Superhuman Intelligence (Can process information thousands of times faster than a human being. You'll find more information about this in the take that I wrote about him.)

Most Powerful Justice League Members: My Top Ten

I know a lot of fans who underestimate him but also many who overestimate him. I've heard a lot of people say that he's dumb, but he's proven to be one of the smartest characters in the DC universe. I also know people who think that he absolutely can't be hurt without Kryptonite, but this isn't true either since anyone strong enough can do it. Many of the characters on this list have done it with just brute force. He has many other weaknesses like red sons and magic.

Recently though, it seems like he's been just a poster boy for DC so they can compare other characters to him. I've been doing the same on this take since he's one of the most well-known powerhouses.

4. Martian Manhunter

He's got majority of the powers that Superman has, along with a few more. An alien from Mars who has all of the following powers.

• Super Strength

• Invulnerability

• Flight

• Super Speed

• Stamina

• Regeneration

• Shape-Shifting (Can control every molecule in his body, changing his shape and color to look like anyone.)

• Intangibility

• Invisibility

• Telepathy (Can hear everyone's thoughts on the planet.)

• Psionic Blast

• Psionic Shield

• Martian Vision

• Telekinesis

• Martian Breath

• Sonic Scream

• X-ray Vision

• Extrasensory Input

• Longevity

His most common weakness is supposed to be his pyrophobia.

Most Powerful Justice League Members: My Top Ten

3. Captain Atom

His skin is made of a metal called Dilustel, which is a conduit connected directly to the Quantum Field, a limitless void of all matter and all energy. It gives him a bunch of powers, including

• Quantum Field Manipulation (Can absorb, generate, and manipulate infinite amounts of energy and matter. The amount of which he can use is limited by his willpower, scientific knowledge, and imagination.)

• Invulnerability ( Often compared to that of Superman's. His metal "skin" has a symbiotic relationship with Captain Atom's body and is almost indestructible.)

• Superhuman Endurance (He has no need for food, sleep, or oxygen.)

• Energy Projection

• Energy Manipulation

• Godlike Strength (Well within Superman's class.)

• Superhuman Reflexes

• Energy Absorption (Second to none in the DC universe.)

• Matter Manipulation

• Techno-Interface

• Matter Manipulation

• Reality Manipulation (He was able to create a Universe in Quantum Field and his own versions of heroes such as Superman, Flash, Firestorm, and he even created his own Spectre. Later he destroyed that Universe. This power, however, is limited to Universes that he creates in his Quantum Field.)

• Size Alteration

• Time Travel (Although this requires a lot of concentration and can't be done for long.)

• Flight (Managed to match Flash's speed in the New 52; A feat which no other character has performed.)

• Enhance abilities

And as of the New 52, he also has

• Teleportation

• Invisibility

• Phasing / Ghost

Most Powerful Justice League Members: My Top Ten

2. Doctor Fate

One of the most powerful sorcerers in the DC universe. The majority of his powers come from Nabu. The Helmet of Fate grants him vast magical powers but without the helmet, his powers are limited to his own sorcery.

Powers without Nabu talismans

• Super Strength

• Super Speed

• Telepathy

• Telekinesis

• Flight

• Levitation (of other objects)

• Invulnerability

• Mystical senses

• Knowledge of magic

• Immunity to mortal disease

• Never ages

Powers granted to him by Nabu

• Phasing

• Invisibility

• Damage Resistance

• Magnetic Control

• Time travel

• Memory erasing

• Illusion Casting

• Immortality

• Mystical Bolts

• Enhanced Intellect

Most Powerful Justice League Members: My Top Ten

1. Phantom Stranger

There's been a debate among fans as to whether he's a member or not. He's assisted the League plenty of times and was even offered membership once, with Superman declaring the him "a member" without qualification, though he left before accepting. However, what most fans do not know is that he did acknowledge his membership in Justice League of America #143.

His origins are mysterious, and so are his powers and where they come from. The Phantom Stranger has a wide variety of powers and abilities that have been shown, which include

• Teleportation over huge distances

• Manipulation of cosmic power on a huge scale

• Vast Knowledge and nigh Omniscience (He knows everything about any character or situation he encounters.)

• Time Manipulation and travel

• Spectral sight (where he can perceive entities invisible to others)

• Unarmed combat (known to throw a few punches)

• Mastery over magic (Second only to the Spectre, and it's been established that the Spectre is the 4th most powerful character in the DC universe.)

• Immortality (Even the Spectre failed to kill him and admitted that he can't do it.)

• Space adaptation

• Illusion revealing and casting

• Flight

He has also shown many lesser abilities throughout his comic book career, such as

• Light Projection

• Lasers

• Levitation

• Swordsmanship

• Restructuring Matter

In most comics concerning the Phantom Stranger, he is a neutral angel who didn't side with either the Presence or Lucifer when the Lightbringer rebelled, his omniscience is as powerful as The Spectre's omnipotence, and his power is enough to make him one of the big guns of the magic community, easily making him almost as powerful as Nabu.

Most Powerful Justice League Members: My Top Ten

I still wish we got to see him more often :(

Honorable Mentions


Many fans still consider his powers to be useless, but he's pretty darn strong.

• Superhuman Strength

• Superhuman Durability

• Superhuman Stamina

• Superhuman Healing

• Superhuman Jump

• Enhanced Senses / Sonar

• Marine Telepathy (Can talk to pretty much all life forms and even control them.)

• Underwater Adaptation

• Poseidon's Blessing

• Master Swimmer

• Expert Combatant

• Expert Tactician

In addition to this, he his trident is strong enough to pierce Superman's skin and he has an entire army at his disposal.

Most Powerful Justice League Members: My Top Ten

I'm excited for the movie. I hope it lives up :D


As one of the best magicians in the DC Universe, she's considered one of the most powerful characters. Green Arrow even stated her to be the most powerful in the League. She can cast spells which let her do the following

• Pyrokinesis (Generation and control of fire.)

• Aerokinesis (Generation and control of air.)

• Cryokinesis (Generation and control of ice.)

• Hydrokinesis (Control of water.)

• Geokinesis (Control of earth)

• Chlorokinesis (Control over plants)

• Thermokinesis (Able to manipulate the temperature of a place to stay warm in cold environments)

Zatanna's mastery of magic also grants her a wide range of other powers like flight, weather control, healing, illusion casting, telekinesis, telepathy, teleportation, force field generation, dimensional travel, size alteration, spectral sight, mystical invulnerability, probability manipulation, memory manipulation (erasing and altering people's memories), superhuman strength, superhuman durability and extraction and teleportation of souls (she only uses this ability in dire situations). She's not as skilled with some of these powers though.

The reason she only managed to make an honorable mention is because she usually needs to say words in order to cast spells, and some of the characters are fast enough to blitz her before that happens.

Most Powerful Justice League Members: My Top Ten

Red Tornado

Red Tornado is an air elemental, housed in an android shell. He can create powerful air currents that can level huge skyscrapers in seconds. He channels air and wind forces through his arms and legs to produce bursts of cyclone-force winds and high-speed forward velocity flight. He can also absorb air. He is super strong and very durable, strong enough to take on a missile straight on and come out unharmed, or to withstand ocean depths.

A few times, Red Tornado actually managed to become invisible to the human eye due to his high-velocity movement. His android form gives him resistance to various mental powers that have a biological basis (such as Starro's mind control), but he can be affected by other telepathic abilities.

Most Powerful Justice League Members: My Top Ten


She has the power to channel the abilities of any creature on Earth and get access to their various abilities. This might sound pretty simple but is a very useful ability that I definitely wouldn't give up if I had it. I don't see a reason why I wouldn't want to have the strength of an elephant, the speed of a cheetah, or the regenerative abilities of a lizard. She could originally channel the abilities of just one creature at a time, but there have been instances where she's managed to combine them. She once held onto the traits of an entire forest of animals to get her comrades to safety.

Most Powerful Justice League Members: My Top Ten


He may not have any powers, but he has taken on cosmic level characters many times and has even managed to go toe-to-toe with characters like Darkseid. He's also got contingency plans for almost everyone in the League and is one of the best strategists (if not the best) in the DC universe.

Most Powerful Justice League Members: My Top Ten

So this took longer for me to write than any take that I've written before. I'll be writing one about the X-Men too. I'm really looking forward to writing that one, especially since they've got some ridiculously powerful members. :D


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    Superman's limits are only the ones he sets out himself.

  • Well, that time Superman pushed the Earth (or at least one of them) he had some help from Green Lantern, same with the Book of Eternity. So it wasn't entirely a feat of his own.
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