My List of the Top 10 Hottest Male Actors

1.) Ian Somerhalder

First time i knew about this guy was when i watched The Vampire Diaries and for some strange reason i thought he was weird looking and ugly as i got watching and saw a few more episodes i realized i was being crazy and he was absolutely gorgeous.. not to mention he loves animals which to me makes him even more attractive.

2.) Hugh Jackman.

I've always liked Hugh Jackman for as long as i can remember, what makes him so attractive to me apart from his looks is everytime i've seen him in interviews he always comes across as a really nice guy, he's also been with his wife now for 22 years (Deborra-lee Furness), Who he just seems to absolutely adore <3 and seems to have been one of the few actors in Hollywood to actually remain faithful.

3.) Mark Wahlbeg.

Not really so much into him now, But in his younger days he was so attractive.

Remember seeing him in the movie Fear, the first movie i realized i actually fancied him in. where his character ended up being a crazy stalker psychopath, but his character in that movie was soooo sexy up until that point.

4.) Chris Hemsworth.

Apart from him being absolutely gorgeous i also seem to have a thing for Australian guys, I don't really know much about him but always thought he was a really attractive guy, his brother though Liam Hemsworth even though they look very similar i just don't find attractive.

5.) Channing Tatum.

A clichรฉ one but i can't help thinking Mr Tatum is completely gorgeous and if i'm going to the cinema to watch some crappy rom com.. if i know he's going to be in it helps me find it just that little bit better, also another one who seems to be faithful to his wife (Jenna Dewan) who he met filming Step Up in 2006.

6.) Leonardo DiCaprio

Sooo i'm not really a fan of his from his personal life all i ever hear about him is he's dating Victoria Secret models half his age and he has some crazy obsession with the environment, but in the movie Titanic i literally fell in love with him! he was my first ever crush and its one of my favourite movies so i can't leave him off the list.

7.) Josh Brolin.

He maybe pushing 50 but i don't care i find this man literally so handsome and attractive.

I first found out about him when watching Old Boy a remake of a Korean movie which if you've not seen or heard of it well its pretty weird and fucked up to say the least... but after seeing it i looked into what other movies he had been in and just fell in awe of him even more.

8.) Tom Hardy.

I just really like his looks, not sure what more i can say on him.

9.) Shia Labeouf

I am kinda unsure with this one, some movies i watch with him in i don't find him attractive at all others and i think he is gorgeous i first started finding him attractive from the movie American Honey as i really like his character in the movie, He is a complete nutjob in real life and for some reason that just makes me if anything find him slightly more attractive.

10.) Heath ledger.

Last but not least my favorite by far, another Australian and i literally adore him.

First saw him in 10 things i hate about you, and was seriously like who is this guy thinking he couldn't be more gorgeous, in interviews he came across as a lovely guy.. he sadly died in 2008.

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Most Helpful Guy

  • I feel bad for Shia, I think he's under MKUltra mind control.

    Heath was murdered. Because he was talking shit about wanting to expose Hollywood pedophilia, and it was ruled "accidental/suicide," and then his girlfriend at the time was intimidated into keeping quiet about it all.

    Josh Brolin has at least been charged with spousal battery, no idea if it's true.

    And Marky Mark of course very famously attacked a Vietnamese guy and blinded him in one eye in an admittedly racially-motivated attack. Marky Mark has since publicly apologized and offered settlement money to his victim.

    That's all I know!

    • I heard about both Josh brolin and Marky mark.
      But i just googled your Heath ledger theory and nothing has come up, where did you hear that?

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    • Well, it's not impossible.

    • lgbt Pederasty too.

Most Helpful Girl

  • damn, heath. killer smile. i will never understand why people find either ian somerholder or channing tatum to be hot lol.

    • He was so handsome :(
      i get channing but really you don't find ian hot even a little bit :O?

    • not at all :x :x :x lol. I don't know why... something about how his eyes are positioned lol. too narrow.

    • Yeah he kinda looks evil lol

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