Wakanda Forever! My Black Panther Review



Ladies, gentlemen, citizens of the world! Join me as I take you on a journey to a magical place. Sit back, fasten your seat-belts, and hold on tight. Next stop, Wakanda!

Wakanda Forever! My Black Panther Review

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few months, then you’re aware of the Black Panther mania that has swept across much of the world. This movie finally hit theaters this weekend (in the US anyway, I’m not sure if it premiered anywhere else before then). My overall reaction: IT. WAS. AMAZING! As someone who has been waiting impatiently for this movie to come out since June, I can honestly say that it was worth the wait.

Full disclosure, I’m not that into Marvel movies to the point where I’ve followed along with every one of them. I enjoy some of them. Civil War was the last one that I watched, and where Black Panther made his first appearance. Enter obsession. I thought his character was badass and I said that if they ever gave him his own movie, I’d be there with bells and whistles. They did, and I was (sans bells and whistles, I don’t think the other moviegoers would’ve appreciated that). Which brings us to present day.

STOP! In case you some how missed the first spoiler alert at the very beginning, here's your last chance to GET OUT!!! The rest of this Take MAY HAVE SPOILERS!! KEEP READING AT YOUR OWN RISK!!

Wakanda Forever! My Black Panther Review

I initially thought that you needed to see Civil War before going to see Black Panther, but after seeing the movie, I will say that it’s not really necessary. They kind of catch you up to speed in the beginning of the movie. I think that was main thing that I loved about the movie as a whole. Even though it’s apart of the whole Marvel franchise, you didn’t need to be versed in much Marvel to enjoy the movie. It could have very well been released as a movie unrelated to Marvel and nothing in it would have to change.

Where I was really surprised was when it came to the “villain” and how everything transpired with that. Here’s where I’m going to struggle not to reveal too much. If you’ve seen trailers then you should know enough though. And if you’ve seen Civil War or you’re a Marvel fan, then you at least know about Klaue. He’s linked up with another guy, Killmonger. And that’s where the plot gets thick. It becomes less about avenging his father’s death, which is what I thought the movie was going to be about, and more about the twist that I won’t reveal.

Wakanda Forever! My Black Panther Review

The action scenes were insane! I was on the edge of my seat half the time and leaned back half cringing the other half. I’ve seen other people complaining about the graphics, but I thought they were fine. The scenery was beautiful. His suit was awesome. And can we talk about the women representation?! The women warriors, better known as the Dora Milaje, were so damn fierce! Hell, every woman in the film held their own in such a major way.

I thoroughly enjoyed this movie from beginning to end. From the plot to the action to the acting. Everything. Every character was phenomenal. And as a person of color, it felt really good to sit in that theater and finally see a cast full of people that look like me not being depicted in a negative light. The overall messages in it are also great. I would 100% recommend that you take a trip to Wakanda and see Black Panther! You won’t be disappointed!

Wakanda Forever! My Black Panther Review

I hope you guys have enjoyed the journey. Thank you for taking the ride to Wakanda with me. Until next time, enjoy your visit and stay classy. See guys on the threads!

PS: Yes, I'm aware that Wakanda is a fictional place, but it's so real in my mind!

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Most Helpful Guy

  • I did love the movie, but I have a problem with movies in general. I think they do a poor job of character development. To avoid someone saying that this is because it was a movie with black cast (which has happened already) I think this is a problem with all movies. This is why I wish that we would move away from big movies, and instead move towards tv shows. That said, I was really looking forward to Killmonger, I thought he was going to be the first Marvel villain that I could really sink my teeth into. I thought he was going to be really substantive, but I think they failed in drawing me in. All that we really know about him was that his father was killed by a Wakandan, and then poof he's an adult with a vendetta against the civilized world, sponsoring violent usurpations of power and the subjugation of others. This made no sense to me.

    Picture this instead: Kid's father is killed. He is raised by his single mother who busts her ass to put food on the table when she is murdered walking home one night. Erik sits by as the police do nothing to solve his mother's murder, perhaps even having a character who says something like, "this is just what they do to each other." Fast forward Erik is hanging out with his friends witnessing police brutality, and the increased patrolling of his neighborhood. He's still trying his best to succeed and is himself a victim of being profiled. He tries to get into college, but can't afford it and can't get a scholarship even though he sees other people who didn't try as hard getting in. He then has to go into the military to seek employment. He fights in Africa and the Middle East where he's forced to do things that he wished he never had to do, all the while dealing with predominantly white officers who downplay the value of the lives they are taking. Then he finally reaches out to Wakanda, begging them to help their fellows who are suffering around the world, but they still turn their backs to him. Then his descent into madness is completed as he decides to destroy the traditions of the Wakanda, and he tries to provide aid to blacks across the world. As this happens though the countries he's given aid to just hoard the wealth and don't give it to the poor as he directed. Then he decides that the only way to help his people is to arm them to fend for themselves.

    That's a killmonger I would like to see.
    Still, loved the movie though, actually I was pleasantly surprised to find that my favorite character was Okoye.

    • it's not a problem with movies, but an mcu problem. 1 of the reasons why i don't watch them. they're fucking bad 85% of the time. they don't develop their characters well, or plot, or pretty much do anything well. i didn't read beyond that cause i haven't seen it and don't want to spoil it, although, i'm probably not gonna see it any time soon and will probably get it spoiled at some point, anyways.

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    • Hopefully I'd be accepted!
      My college started the Civil War. Down the street from my home the old slave market stood tall. Across the street from that we had monuments to generals of the civil war. I had people pull me aside at McDonalds and tell me, "These fucking niggers aren't meant for anything more than plantation work. Look, they can't even make a burger in an efficient manner."

      I would never claim that the people from my home were all bad, but ignorance most certainly abounded, as well as an unwillingness to listen to others.

    • Wowwww... thats sickening.

Most Helpful Girl

  • I personally disliked Black Panther in Civil War as he had no background introduces to us and was sort of extra and rushed. Just this angry vengeful dude who i didn't care for.
    So i didn't want to watch his solo movie, but my old friends wanted to hang out & decided on it, & i didn't wanna miss out on the reunion.
    So i went, low expectations and interest... And man... loved it!!! In some sense, i wish it was set and released before Civil War so i could've known him to begin with, but i did love it.

    I commend the dynamic between the villain and the hero, there almost brother-like relationship (one fallen to the darkness, the other was raised in blessed life, so he hates him & takes over, but at the end the good brother connects to him & feels sad for his loss). It was all good. Sheds light on how we "good" people can also create evil.
    I loved the female warriors and cheered for them more than the hero at times, which was an interesting balance.
    It was well done.

    I do dislike the lack of visible development from the villain though, would've loved to see some flashback or story told of how he grew up since his dad's death to the point of adulthood where he's suddenly bad.


    • Great response! And yeah I think that's the general consensus on Killmonger. We want moreeee! Lol he needs a spin-off movie that leads up to how he links up with Klaue.

    • Thanks! Great mytake!!
      Yeaaah haahaha he's too good of a character to have so little info on him. It's like teasing us haha

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What Guys Said 48

  • I've seen it and I loved it

  • I would agree with your assessment. I thought it was a great script, great acting, and dialogue. I loved the story, the costumes, and the action. It felt complete and very polished. But beyond that it provokes an interesting discussion about one's responsibility to their group vs their responsibility to all of humanity. It asks questions about what should we as responsible human beings be doing to help each other.

    That is what kind of moves it into the upper echelon of movies I have seen.

    • Absolutely. It goes beyond the movie and outside of the theater. The messages are very thought provoking.

  • It's a very good movie for sure. I'd even say it was probably one of the Best under Marvel's belt. But there are a few nitpicky flaws from what I see but I generally overlooked it because of how well done the movie is. I pretty much agree with your review in most regards and I'd say anyone would be missing out if they didn't watch it.

  • I liked it, but I didn't have high expectations. I knew what I was going to get so I didn't leave disappointed. The only thing I was really disappointed in was Killmonger. Rather than feeling like I was watching Killmonger, I felt like I was watching some random angry guy off the street. Music was great though. and the whole movie was visually satisfying. The lighting, the scenery.

    • May I ask why you were disappointed?

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    • I liked Edward Norton as Bruce Banner more than Mark Ruffalo. Same character, but I thought Norton's performance was better.
      Tony Stark is a genius and rich. Doesn't mean you get whichever rich guy you can find that's smart to play him.
      I wasn't sold on Michael B. Jordan's performance.

    • Ahh, so you thought another actor would've done the role better justice. Gotcha.

  • I read a comic with BP in it one time (Books of Doom IIRC), I liked him in that. After Deadpool I was convinced I wouldn't pay to see another Marvel movie but this one is getting great reviews (then again, I think Deadpool was too).

    OP, am I going to get a Marvel movie that's somewhat predictable and kinda corny like many of the others? Didn't read because spoilers.

    • Lol I put in there that I wasn't a huge Marvel fan so I haven't watched all the movies. But I don't think it was predictable.

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What Girls Said 23

  • But think, if main general lady had just put her foot down on her husband from the very beginning instead of waiting until after rhino was like "no i like this one *lick*" all of that fighting could have ended so much quicker and with less casualties. It was basically just a big lovers spat in the end. ---With rhinos.

    • Lol nooo it wasn't

    • Everyone else fighting in that last battle the women in red vs the men in blue were just following the orders of their leader. Which is why when he laid down his arms they did too. It basically (key word) all came down to him asking his lover how strong her convictions were -that she would be willing to kill him for it. If his convictions weren't strong enough to be able to do the same to her from the beginning (knowing that they weren't seeing eye to eye on this during that brief look they shared) then he never should have charged in the first place.

  • I watched it with friends, it was nice how they integrated racial values and difficulties inside the movie, it looked more than just a superhero movie in my opinion

  • Awesome review. One of my favorite things to do is go to the movies alone. I love my family and my coworkers, but every once in a while the stimulation along with working a rough shift, is a lot to handle. Looks like I have a solid choice of what to see next time.

    • I just saw the movie and it was amazing! I loved the general. She did not mess around.

    • I went to see it by myself too! And yes, Okoye was so badass!!!

    • I went to see it by myself too! And yes, Okoye was so badass!!! I loved her.

  • I loved the movie and I love how Africa is represented, esp as a person of colour. It was great, the only off thing was the accents- most of the actors did forced ones but I only know that cuz I talk with my friends with that African accent for fun sometimes. Alsoooo T'CHALLA AND KILLMONGER WERE HOT OOOF

    • Lol well yeah, most accents you hear in movies aren't real. But I LOVED it. And the eye candy was def a plus

    • Well, they are actin, and don't have natural accents.. So yeah Also there are different sounds to accents too..

  • Nice review! I saw it Saturday and really liked it! :) I liked the plot a lot, I like how it focused on something you had NO idea was coming. I thought it was gonna be mostly about the 'obvious' villain, silly me.
    Loved the characters too! I like how everyone was human and made mistakes, and I felt like these people really cared about each other.
    I enjoyed the fight/action scenes too. The car part was super cool, though I felt the opening action scene was too dark and fast paced (my eyeballs weren't ready haha)
    That wasn't a big deal though, there were tiny tiny tiny things (like with any movie) that I felt someway about BUT It was a 10/10 in my book and I definitely recommend.

    • Thank you! And yes, everyone played their part really well. And that villain plot twist! I was like waitttt! 😂

    • YES! I was so happy when it happened, finally haha, that person so deserved it. Then we could get on to the more complicated stuff.

    • Exactly.

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