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My Take on the Justice League Movie

My Take on the Justice League Movie

I know I’m hella late lol but I’ve been procrastinating on this one. Last night I just watched The Transporter and Justice League for the first time 😂👌 Avenger movies always took me three attempts to get through and i was hoping JL would be different. But I didn't have high hopes for Justice League considering i always struggled to get through the franchises leading up to it.

My Take on the Justice League Movie

Bruce “BATMAN” Wayne

I had never finished a Batman film until The Dark Knight Rises. I mean I loved Christian Bale in Little Women and parts of American Psycho but Batman just wasn't it. I only watched The Dark Knight Rises cause i love Joseph Gordon Levitt and Tom Hardy as well, and hoped to see Aaron Eckhart again.

My Take on the Justice League Movie

The only batman features on Ben Affhole is that he's got a booty chin. His portrayal and accent was straight —— . I just can't stand him lol. Only movie i ever liked him in was Jersey Girl but even then he played an Affhole. I have little hope for Robert Pattinson in this position. I mean he technically was a vampiric bat at a point but i never see Batman features when i look at him. Maybe he wouldve been more convincing as the Flash since he could run fast in Twilight. 🤷‍♀️ He also did good in Water For Elephants though. Anyways, let me stay on topic.

My Take on the Justice League Movie

Plus, I loved Catwoman with Halle Berry despite what many think and i just wanted to see how Anne Hathaway did. She was good but would’ve made a better Batwoman or Lois Lane. To me, Halle had the best outfit and purr. But yes, michelle acted the most villainous and catty.

My Take on the Justice League Movie

Clark “SUPERMAN” Kent

Now as for Superman, I only liked him in the shows like Smallville, Adventures of Lois and Clark, and the animated Justice League. Only Superman movie i ever completed was Superman Returns with Brandon Routh. I didn’t care to see Henry Cavill as superman but i love his teeth. I know Matt Bomer is gay but so is the guy playing the Flash. So why couldnt we get Matt as Superman?

My Take on the Justice League Movie

And whos idea was it to cast Columbus as Lex Luthor 😂 Tallahasee would’ve been much more convincing as a baldy. By the way, Superman from Adventures of Lois/Clark can be seen on episodes of Supergirl (another show I dont watch) and Brandon Routh and Tom Welling are returning for the CW Crisis Crossover. 🙌

My Take on the Justice League Movie

Barry “FLASH” Allen

The guy who played the Flash (the best friend in that “Come on Eileen” movie) was just not convincing like dang. They shouldve just brought in the CW cast lmao. The dude was just too hyper and childish. He also couldn't run for crap. He wouldve made a good spiderman in my opinion though. Oh ya was Iris even in the movie?

My Take on the Justice League Movie

Diana “WONDERWOMAN” Prince

I just really feel Batman, Wonderwoman, and Flash were miscast, but Gal still did a good job. However, I only got through like 30 mins of Wonder Woman. I liked Gal in Fast & Furious but she's just not convincing as Wonder Woman for me... regardless of how cool her skills were. She just looks like she's playing dressup to me. I give her kudos for pulling off the outfit while filming pregnant but She just doesn't have the thunder thighs that I feel Wonder Woman has. I couldve seen Gina Carano (watch Fast 6 or In the Blood) looking the part but i doubt she could’ve acted as well.

My Take on the Justice League Movie

Arthur “AQUAMAN” Curry

Baywatch Hawaii just got real. I’ve been a Jason Momoa fan since his cameo in Johnson Family Vacation. However, I only got through 45 mins of Aquaman. It wasn’t bad. And i mean it did cast the actor I begged to see in the role. But I just didn't finish because there were better things to watch. I honestly felt the movie started off strong but once he started going underwater to help fight with the redhead who framed Johnny Depp, i lost interest. That red looked awful on her. She was much better as the blonde in Shia Lebouf’s movie.

My Take on the Justice League Movie

Victor “CYBORG” Stone

I actually enjoyed Cyborg. He did great and had a major role. I was afraid it would be minor considering i only ever focused on Starfire and Robin in CN’s Teen Titans 😂 He even looked liked the cartoon minus the bald-head. He was hot and i loved his waves 😍 his outfit was just robotically fugly though. I was happy they upgraded it by the end of the film.

My Take on the Justice League Movie

Oh yea and i loved when he told batman “if it were up to us, we wouldve left you but she [wonder woman] didn't give us a vote.” Yes baby i would’ve left the bastard too 🙌 I also liked when Superman said “cause I really like being alive... I take it back, I wanna die.” And Cyborg was wondering how his toes could even hurt lol. And Wonder Woman was like “Omg i work with children.” Lol.

My Take on the Justice League Movie

Justice League THE MOVIE

It only took me forever to get to the actual movie review 😂🙈 I said i wasn't gonna watch this because Batman V Superman killed off the wrong man. They should’ve killed Batman cause he hardly did anything this movie aside from recruit 🤷‍♀️ Like dang Nick Fury brought more to the table than that. Okay fine, i’ll give him this much... I thought the scene where his batmobile exits the aircraft was cool.

My Take on the Justice League Movie

Wonder woman totally killed that beginning scene where she saved the kids at the school. I was fascinated that i almost decided to give the Wonder Woman movie a second chance. But When Batman spoke about Chris Pine’s death, i wanted someone to kill him instantly. I hate that blunt bastard.

My Take on the Justice League Movie

I loved seeing Aquaman surf on that locus-bots body. Too cool. And when he told everyone off (yet compliments Wonder Woman) with the lasso of truth, it was soooo amazing. It felt like Conceited said “DJ Dwreck cut the beat!” in an episode of WildNOut. It was amazing when he said to batman that he doesn't even have powers 😂 Man i know I’m gonna get a lot of Batman fans hating on me in the comments.

My Take on the Justice League Movie
My Take on the Justice League Movie

I’m so mad I didn’t get a heads up that they’d revive Superman!! Otherwise i would’ve watched in theatres lol. Back when the movie came out, I asked around “Is superman in it? If you say no, i won't watch.” And everyone said “not really.” Those liars 😂 But i was surprised and loved it and screamed at the tv. I expected him in the sequel but not in this film.

Funniest part was when Flash asked if this would be some Pet Sematary type ish. That’s exactly what it was 👌 The way the plan backfired and he took down the whole team was amazing. I was like who needs Justice League. It should be “Just Superman” 😭 This literally shouldve been the whole movie... just seeing them try to stop one man who beat all their butts. I’m still shook from how he headbutted Wonderwoman and stopped her from clanking her wrists together AND that look he gave the Flash in slow motion was epic. I’m a tiny bit shocked Lois calmed him. I was waitin for him to stab her in the back... literally.

My Take on the Justice League Movie
My Take on the Justice League Movie

I have to give the badass Thanos mf goat looking villain some credit. I still don’t remember his name though 😂 He was so good regardless of how bad the CGI was. The way he wrecked those Amazon women OMG 😍 he was savage af. He even deaded those horseys 🙈 It was an amazing game of Polo with that dang box. I was pissed af though when he ripped Cyborg in half. You crossed the line Mr. 👌

My Take on the Justice League Movie

Lets talk about that after-credits scene. No not the one with The Flash racing Superman... but the one after that. They casted sexy azz Joe Manganiello as Deathstroke. When i heard Slade Wilson, I legit confused him with Wade Wilson. Then thats when i learned that Deadpool was a parody of Deathstroke. Like dang man. I don’t like Deadpool so i’m sure y'all will hate me even more 🤷‍♀️

My Take on the Justice League Movie

I’m sure my review was mind-blowing and you probably totally disagree with the majority of things I said 🤷‍♀️ Even though i liked it, i deleted it from my DVR. What was i thinking 😩 Welp whos ready for Justice League Part Two 🙌

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My Take on the Justice League Movie
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  • Grond21
    You make some good points here. Ben Affleck as Batman was terrible. Not very convincing at all. I haven't seen Catwoman with Halle Berry, but I liked AnneHathaway as Catwoman a lot.
    I thought Henry Cavill as Superman was perfect. Both in terms of acting and looks. The script wasn't always great, but still.
    Your problems with the flash were dead on. He was totally silly and they made you not care about him. It was like he had developmental problems. I think they were trying to insert humor like in the Marvel movies, but they didn't know how to do it and stay true to the characters.
    Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman was awesome. She did a freaking fantastic job. And I like the Wonder Woman movie a lot. in terms of pure looks though, I completely agree with you. Gina Carano would have been much better. She completely fits the Wonder Woman bodybuild. But her acting is subpar, and that would have been enough to kill the movie in my opinion.
    Aquaman was good. And I liked Jason Momoa. He was more simplistic and cruder than I anticipated, especially for a king. But that's okay.
    I didn't feel like they did cyborg justice. (No pun intended) it was a good actor, but it was just hard to get into his character. They didn't give him enough of a character Arc.
    As for the movie itself, it was trash. fun CGI moments, but not much more than that.
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    • Damn you called it trash 🙈 i liked it tho. But the movie wouldve been better had they just been tryna bring down a rogue superman the whole time

    • Grond21

      Yeah, I think so. They undercut the characters, made Stepenwolf with no character Arc or story, and made Superman a Deus ex machina.

    • Stepenwolf was badass tho. I liked how he didn't mind who he hurt asap

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  • Savage_Wisdom
    They got so much of the basic stuff wrong with this movie. Firstly, no matter what DC Comic Universe you're talking about, there are seven original members of the Justice League, not 6. While it is true that the cast of "the Original Seven" does tend to vary to one degree or another from universe to universe, in not one of them that I know of is cyborg a member of the original Seven. It feels more like they put him in there for "political correctness" reasons and so black people wouldn't get angry because there wasn't a black person in the movie. However I would have preferred they went with the John Stewart Green Lantern, because not only is Jon Stewart black, but the Green Lantern is usually a member of the original Seven.

    I never liked Ben Affleck's Batman. It's not that Ben Affleck isn't good as the character, it's just that he's written very idiotically. Fans of Batman will know he has just two Cardinal rules; never kill, and never use guns. Over the course of his two Batman movies we see him break both of these rules countless times.

    All my criticisms for this Aquaman go to his stand-alone prequel.

    You are correct, this movie's depiction of The Flash is way too childish and immature and just plain whiny.
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    • I liked aquaman tho. Green lantern def needs redemption after the ryan reynolds version

    • He had literally no character growth in his own movie. He was literally the exact same person he was at the end as he was the beginning. When he meets up with his mother and he has to fight the giant monster thing so they can escape, his mother tells him what type of person he is. Think about that for a minute. The last time she saw him he wasn't even a year old! They are literally complete strangers, she knows absolutely nothing about him! And she's telling him who he is? Then at the end, right before the big final fight, I should have been the girl second-guessing him and him giving her the big he can do this speech, not the other way around. Aquaman experiences literally no character growth in the movie.

    • I agree with the no character growth but i only watched thie first half of his movie so u kinda spoiled

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Most Helpful Girls

  • I have to agree with you lol. I never liked a batman film nor watched it til the end until christian bale came into the picture and fine ass tom hardy as bane.
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  • DeeDeeDeVour
    Regardless of comparisons to Marvel movies, DC stories & story lines are pretty lame. However, I will still remain a big fan of Henry Cavill though.
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    • Im not a henry fan but he did amazing in Justice League.

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  • mrbunglethecay
    I was really unimpressed with the justice league movie. Actually most DC live action films are really weak which is a shame as DC comics have some great storylines. I much prefer the animated films as they capture the characters a lot better.
    I hope they dont screw up crisis on infinite earths next year, such a great story.
    • I preferred animated too. I like justice league but not their solo movies. And yea crisis will prob be changed from the comics

  • RolandCuthbert
    Justice League sucked so bad. But Superman vs Batman sucked more. I don't know where that franchise goes from here. They are doing a Wonder Woman 2 and another Aquaman. But that whole DC cinematic universe thing is skating on thin ice.
    • Yea i surprisingly liked justice league but not the movies leading to it

    • Well, Wonder Woman and Man of Steel are the best flicks they have made thus far. But they have had too many duds. If you look at the earnings list, ironically the highest grossing film they have had is Aquaman. And that one is no where near the highest grossing films for Marvel.

    • Aquaman was the only dc film i saw potential outside of JL

  • Ceasar97
    Poor DC, I never got around to watching the Justice League, but I didn't like most of the other modern DC movies, except Shazam and Wonder woman. I like a lot of the DC characters, Batman was my favorite hero until I was 15, lol.
    • I said the same. But read above please

    • Ceasar97

      I was going to but I started to read it and decided to watch the movie; I stopped to avoid spoilers lol. From what I read, it seems pretty good so far.

    • Lmao well come back aftter watchin haha

  • The problem with the DCEU is their trying to do everything to fast so Justice League was rushed. The Avengers had build up with Iron-Man, Captain America and Thor having solo movies and them introucing Widow in IM2 and Hawkeye in Thor.
  • Flash was funny
    Superman mmmade me feel a little
    Cyborg was a little rushed has more potential.
    Batman was my favorite but he sign Christian bale.
    Auqua man the taking a shot before jumping into the ocean made it worth watching

    And wonder woman was fine asf
    And kept pace with the guys without trying to Mary sue herself and i appreciated that,
  • SirRexington
    I think since you clearly know little and have little interest in comics it's a bit silly to make a full MyTake on it. Anyone who read the comics knew they bring Superman back somehow since it's one of the biggest storylines from the 90s.
    • I made a take on the movie. Not the comics. Movies often dont follow comics anyway so it is what it is. Read it or dont

  • orangecherry
    I liked Justice League and you are wrong about Gal she is an amazing Wonder Woman!
    • SHe did great but im just saying she doesn't look like wonderwoman for me

  • Jltakk
    I just can't watch superhero movies anymore. I've had enough of them.
    • I feel ya

    • NewUser19

      exACTLY they have been saturated since Ironman. Time to go back to Greek roman mythology and even some egyptian stuff

  • Liam_Hayden
    Ben sucked and so did the script. The rest would have been fine with better writing. Frankly most of DC's animated movies are better than their live action ones.
  • Twistboy101
    Superman was way too OP, Flash was too weak. Batman and cyborg and WW and Aquaman were fine.
    • Op? I agree about Flash. Batman? *laughs* the rest, awesome. Aquaman brought the beauty and humor that flash tried to hard to bring. Superman brought the strength. Cyborg was the brains. Wonder woman brought strength and beauty. Batman brought thhe batmobile

  • Not my kind of movie, so I'll probably never see it.
  • pigoat
    It wasn't good as any avengers movie but it worth a watch
    • Only avengers movie i liked was the 2nd but thats because i’ve only seen the first two. Even then it took me 3 attempts to watch before i could get into it. Its weird. With Justice League, i hate the solo movies but like the group movies. With Avengers, i hate the grouped movies but prefer the solo movies. Only “group” movie i enjoyed was Captain America Civil what

  • though justice league's story was lame i still liked the movie because those heroes are more interesting than one in marvel where hulk is just mindless and captain America preaching his ideals
  • ManOnFire
    Infinity War was best, but I cried when Tony died in Endgame 😭😭😭
    • I haven't watched any avengers after the first two...

  • DCU needs to revamp its entire project. Tv Series characters and movie characters should be same else they r making shit out of movies !
  • Sangoma
    Joss wheldon fixed super man at the end. You actually see him smile and have bright colors and playful
    Unfortunately there not going to do a justice league 2. 😥
    • Oh snap what happened? I heard it comes out after Wonder Woman 2020

    • I kind of stopped reading about it. Ever since henry cavill stopped being superman and they don't want ben aflec back so th WB is doing some weird things. It's frustrating really.

  • TheDarkAngel21
    Some DC Movie are good not all of them
    Same as Marvel Movies
    Justice League - Avengers
  • Twenty2
    Why do you watch these movies if you don't like them?
    • Did u not read it? No. Cause i clearly said i liked this movie

    • Twenty2

      I was talking about the other ones! Before justice league. I read what you wrote.

    • Oh my bad 😂👌 but yea i wanted to give thhem a try. So i did. I just didn't finish them. They bored me. Aquaman wasn't too bad. Im actually rerecording it on the DVR to finish it. But i tried wonderwoman twice and just didn't care for it. Batman was a no-go aside from The Dark Knight Rises which i somewhat enjoyed.

  • Clarke498
    You couldn't get through The Dark Knight? My 2nd favorite movie.
    • Nah i just tuned in for Aaron Eckhart and Katie holmes

    • Clarke498

      Not Christopher Nolan? Heath Ledger? Hans Zimmer?

    • Heath did good rip. But I've never been a joker fan. He def played it good but joker just creeps me out

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  • justcurious2019
    i have not seen it but some of what you said i have heard from other people
  • ask4any
    Ok Desi I only half read your my take thats all I could take. If your going to critique a movie, please make sure you are informed just of the characters but of backgrounds leading up to. Your take on Batman couldn't be more misguided if it were aimed backwards. Christian Bale as Batman was such an accurate take on how Batman was created 80 years ago. His portrayal in"Batman Begins" is probably the best I've ever seen. Of course we all know Michael Keaton's Batman in 1989 could never be topped but that had a way different style. Your looking at Tim Burton vs Christopher Nolan. Christian Bales Batman was more vigilante, dark, angry, vendetta driven. There was only one thing separating this Batman from being a joker, and that was compassion.
    • I never said Christian wasn't a good batman. I said batman sucks overall. I loved christian and his portrayal in Dark Knight Rises. Just not the voice 🤷‍♀️ I never finished Michaels batman either. I just liked certain scenes like both catwomans and Heaths Joker and the football scene with Bane

  • JesseJayNeak
    Live action movies: Marvel > DC
    Animated movies and series: Marvel < DC
  • horriblesheikh
    Okay, Ben Affleck as Batman was the best looking Batman ever. I agree with your whole view on Catwoman. Henry Cavill is the best Superman ever though, also his origin movie "Man of Steel" was one of the best DC movies ever made. I agree with your view on The Flash as well, the TV series Flash's actor and character is just better in everyway. I think Gal Gadot made a good Wonderwoman but Gina Carano could make a good Wonderwoman as well, I'm gonna have to see it to be sure though. I've never liked Aquaman but Jason Momoa was good for the role, I didn't like his origin movie though, it was too basic and lame. I've never liked Cyborg as well, he always seemed like a cheap ripoff of Ironman

    The movie Justice League was terrible, Wonderwoman was okay, BvS was amazing (only the 3-hour ultimate edition), Man of Steel was a very good movie

    I would still like it if DC did a complete reboot of their movie universe, and started from absolute scratch
    • Christian bale is the hottest batman in my opinion. Tom Welling was the best superman in my opinion but that was as a teen ig... Man of Steel bored me but i liked him in JL. BVS was sooooooo boring

    • It's hard to understand Man of Steel if you're not a man, no offense. It's just a very manly movie in almost everyway, especially the emotional parts

      I can't judge male hotness since I'm straight but I think Ben Affleck is more attractive 🤷 and Tom Welling looks gay, he looks like a soft boy and I don't like that, lol

    • Tom was far from soft. Ben is an asshole

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  • Emma_240302
    💯 agreed like fr oml u read my mind like a book
  • Blondegypsy23
    They suck thats all they make now
  • Dsg1193
    The movie sucked
  • Exorcist_Rampage
    Halle Berry and Diana Prince have glorious flesh.
  • Nilanjan
    I like joker
  • Eaglesfan285
    It came out like 3 years ago. Your so late. ☺️
  • Smf1989
    I like ur mytake