What makes a villain great and not so great


I am so obsessed with the blacklist I can't even.This is gonna be mainly about Red. It helps that I think Red is so freaking sexy, but this character is so much more than that.

When a character is supposed to be terrifying, there are many things that help that persona, and many things that do not. Here are some things I think a good terrifying character should have:

1. Respect and class

Ok let's be real, who's gonna scare you more, someone who says "I'm so ready to kill your fucking bitch ass" or someone who says this before killing you "Ah, please sit. It's a pleasure to see you in these final moments"

What makes a villain great and not so great

When someone resorts to name calling and showing anger or rage, it shows they at least have some emotion, maybe, just maybe you can talk them out of things, but when someone appears emotionless....now that's just terrifying.

2. Dressing with class and style

What makes a villain great and not so great

Oh wow, I'm terrified.....of your ugly ass body. He looks like he's mad cause someone stole his hot pockets.


What makes a villain great and not so great

Yeah, it's pretty clear the guy with the green hair and tats looks like your run of the mill neighborhood "gangster" thug rather than an experienced, disciplined criminal.

3. (Similar to 1) Keeping their cool

It once again shows lack of emotion and is very hard to read someone's inner feelings this way, thus, creating a confusing and in some cases sinister character.

What makes a villain great and not so great
What makes a villain great and not so great

4. Being highly intelligent.

Villains like leatherface or Jason Voorhees weren't that smart, just strong and. Having all muscle and no brains is......less than scary

What makes a villain great and not so great

I mean wtf is leatherface even doing???? Dancing??


What makes a villain great and not so great
What makes a villain great and not so great

5. Having just one thing they are passionate about.

No, heavy metal rock doesn't count, nor does tattoos Jared Leto....something like a pet or a person, or maybe even one specific place in nature. It shows they do care about something, it just isn't you. What is Freddie Krueger's passion? Most of the Bond villains? The Penguin? Yeah, they don't have passions.

In this case, Red's passion his Elizabeth Keen. And he cares a great amount about his adopted son/bodyguard Dembe

What makes a villain great and not so great
What makes a villain great and not so great

Dembe and Red playing spot the difference:

What makes a villain great and not so great
What makes a villain great and not so great

Lmao, so Raymond "Red" Reddington is one of my top 3 favorite villains of all time

What makes a villain great and not so great
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  • Hunter7754
    A good villain has some sort of understandable motive for his actions and isn't necessarily a bad guy for the sole purpose of just wanting to be evil. Good, well-written villains tend to fall into one of the following categories:
    *They're doing bad things because they believe the ends justify the means
    *They're only doing what they do because of the situation they found themselves in
    *They're out for revenge against someone that wronged them

    The Fallout series has some pretty good writing and they have good examples of what well-written villains look like.

    For example, one of the villains in Fallout is a group of people that call themselves the Enclave. They have a noble goal in mind. They're trying to restore the wasteland back to the way it was before the nuclear bombs hit. They're trying to restore law and order and bring back civilization. But the way they carry out their plans causes them to be considered villains seeing as they kill random scavengers, steal and are very bigoted towards mutants (even the ones that aren't harmful to humans)
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  • What makes a great villain is them having an actual personality and depth of character. Back in the day, villains just wanted to do evil. They were cartoon characters, like some of the trolls here at GaG.

    Most modern villains are driven by some purpose. Their logic may be warped, their reasoning maybe flawed, but in different circumstances they would be good people. They are capable of love, understanding and of having relationships.

    Some of my favs. . . Michael Shannon's portrayal of Zod. He murdered this speech.https://www.youtube.com/embed/IyEQqm91Q-8Or the best incarnation of the Master. . ."Missy". She secretly wants to be the Doctor's friend, but can't help just being a psychopathic murderer. https://www.youtube.com/embed/5wy_uh2a8rA
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Most Helpful Girls

  • laurieluvsit
    What a great post Ms Lana! ... this was a lot of work and I admire you for it!

    My favorite villain of all time was Heath Ledger. It is said that he was so deep into the part that it actually contributed to his early demise. I wish it hadn't.

    Thanks again for a wonderful post! :)What makes a villain great and not so greatWhat makes a villain great and not so great
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    • Thank you! I love the Joker, as in Heath Ledger or Jack Nicholson, but Jared Leto was just stupid lmao

    • Yes! :)

    • I've always said that Heath ledger was the best joker ever was and ever will be

  • menina
    I've never watched "Blacklist" but I know it's famous. All those characteristics make a good villain. Nice Take!
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    • Thank you! You should give it a watch, you might like it 😀

    • menina

      You're welcome! Maybe I will. :)

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  • MCheetah
    Good post. I always think of this video when it comes to what makes a good villain. But my own opinion is, they have to have clear goals, understandable motivations, actually be a threat that could win, and actually do something to motivate the hero to action.https://www.youtube.com/embed/F-JVNFE_0PE
  • Jjpayne
    I'm going to say wit, charm, smarts and style.

    Not so great... Looking ungroomed, stuttering, simply uncomfortable or awkward to be around and communicates in ways no one else can understand. Oh and not be successful in anything he tries to do
  • JPrez
    There has to be a believable hatred between the villain and the hero, maybe even some underlying respect. Also, the villain can’t always escape. He needs to be captured and confronted. His attitude must be portrayed as totally uncaring of others.
  • jabberwocky00
    Villains gotta be sexy in my opinion, handsome and crazy 😝.
    I bad villain... just boring and not attractive and blah story I don't know
  • colelydiason
    Yeah Reddington is easily the best thing about Blacklist. Him and Dembe are pretty much the only things that keep me watching.
  • anon1903
    I hate to break it up to you but psychopaths dominate most genres in fiction.

    And I hate to break it up to them that not all psychopaths dry their hair and sleep with knives.
    • You aren't breaking anything to me, everyone knows psychos dominate fiction.

  • He's gotta be able 2 push the hero 2 his limits mentally and physically
  • Snickermarstwix
    If you watch Jojo you'll know why Kira is the best vilain.
    He feels human and that why he's so great. You know what kind of sandwich he likes, how he likes to spend his time and what he fears.
    • Same with Red Reddington, he's the bomb and the best villain/hero there ever was

  • Conspiracy_Theorist
    Hannibal lecter is what all villains should be. Then things get interesting 🧐
  • Gwenhwyfar
    I love it
  • NyceGuyFinishingLast
    Raymond Reddington is all I am gonna say.
  • amelieknows
    Makes sense but I love Joker!!!
    • Yeah Heath Ledger or Jack Nicholson are fine, but not Jared Leto lmao

    • Jared was cute just not psychopathic😅😅😅

  • zoeadams3
    CGB Spender from the old X files.