Do you have an "age limit" on movies? (As in you won't watch movies beyond a certain year)

It doesn't matter if they're a classic or the story sounds kinda good, you just make your decision based on the year it was filmed?
If so, then what year/decade is your cutoff and why?

When I was younger (and several times more ignorant than I am now), I wrote off everything older than me as being inferior. (As I was around 13 at the time, this gave me a somewhat small selection at my fingertips.)
But, thankfully, over the past couple years I have come to realize how wonderful older movies are. (I think you can blame catching Planet of the Apes on tv one night.) There's just something so charismatic (to me) about older movies and tv shows, especially those from the around the 60s. I will admit that, when you first sit down, it takes a bit of patience before the movie becomes interesting, but I find it worth it in the end.
(I equally enjoy the 80s, but for different reasons than the 60s, one reason being that they're modern yet different. Not quite sure how to describe it...)
I'm not saying that all of the older movies are gold and all of the newer movies are garbage, but that there are some diamonds in the rough to be found.
(I will admit that I haven't watched anything much older than the 50s/60s (except for this one in a film/computer class) due mostly to the fact that they're not too easy to find (if you can find them at all) on tv. That, and I don't obsessively watch older movies, I just enjoy them when I find one that interests me.)
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  • No, there is no limit. I'll give anything a go.
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  • Movies are forms of art that are open to interpretation as any piece of art would be. They are also timeless in that regard. My decision to not watch/rewatch a movie has nothing to do with the date it was released up until a certain extent. It has to do with my opinion on the quality of the script, plot sequences, and visual performances. When it comes to B&W silent films, I won't dedicate my afternoon to one. They are lacking in depth and dialogue as well as a general mastery of scripts, plot sequences, and visual performances. Today, great writers aren't hard to come by (as indicative by our abundance of choices for prime time original series) and we've had nearly a century to perfect the psychological aspect of movies (from emotion-invoking scores to thrilling cliff hangers).

    B&W silent films are like watching your baby self sitting on a high chair blowing green pea puree through your nose. You're clearly too underdeveloped to have any sense of direction or understanding of the world around you, let alone properly convey a message apart from giggles, coos, and crying. Compare that with your 5 year old self, your 15 year old self, and so on. There's clearly a line to be drawn here, and those early silent films are it.

    • Yeah, the one older one we did watch left everyone kinda sitting there like "Why... What is going on here?" (Lol, reactions like that are likely why the cut off for tv seems usually 60s/70s, and even those aren't too popular.)
      It is fairly noticeable how movies have intensified (can't find the right word, but that fits well enough) over the years, and that is likely due to, as you said, better writing, better tech, and learning from the past. (But even that can't stop flukes.)
      Although, just for the fun of it, following your age analogy, movies will get better as they go on, but they may eventually reach a time where the just become too intense/overdone/etc. and then eventually they'll just... die.
      On a (maybe) lighter note, the great and/or popular ones will possibly live on, and their lesser counterparts will likely fall off into obscurity.
      Aaaannd I just got absolutely nowhere. Lol, lovely

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    • 1. Lol
      2. I'm taking that as a compliment?
      3. Aww, that kinda made my day/night/whatever you call it a tad brighter. :)
      4. You could say the same about yourself.

    • Lol, where did the numbers come from? (I know the answer, and you know the answer, but fill me in anyways... nevermind, don't answer that.)

      It's a compliment. Keep it in your pocket. :)

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  • Some of the best movies were made in black and white, and it took a lot more skill.
    A movie that was made in colour never looks so good in black and white.

  • Not at all, some of the best movies I've seen and most favorite were made in the '50s and '60s, some even late '40s. By putting an 'age limit' on what movies you watch, you're limiting yourself to the amount of great movies there are out there.

  • No, I don't. Metropolis is one of my favorite movies.


What Girls Said 2

  • I watched Nosferatu and that movie was made in 1922. It was quite good haha

  • For me there is no age limit, I watch all type of movies, even cartoons because I have little brothers.


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