Painting , drawing and sculpting?

I'm taking sculpting for my senior year. What type of personality is suited for each form of art? How do the necessary abilities for each form of art vary?


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  • Well simply put.
    - Painting = very creative
    - Drawing = very focused
    - Sculpting = very patient

    But that's just what I think. ^.^


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  • Well with painting and drawing you want to work in layers.

    For sculpting you got to remember you're taking away not adding onto.

    I guess it comes naturally for me, never had a good arts education because my high school sucked and I never attended college.


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  • It's not necessarily a personality for each form of art, but how you choose to express it. That means that it is the style that something is conveyed.

    I prefer an impressionist style because I don't like the details. I like to feel the form and I can't stand realism. It's not necessarily the medium, but how I can work it.

    It's important to learn the basics though, and sculpting is a small basic of 3D art. Yet, you're in high school so choosing your classes isn't as important as college.

    • Highschool can influence college though. But for example, why can one be good at sculpting, but not at drawing or painting? Sorry I'm being to deep here

    • No, these are good questions, and I'm doing an art minor. The important thing in high school is to get the gpa and the test scores. It helps with scholarships and open up what schools you can get into.

      The thing is, you have to be able to do basic drawing to do the rest of the forms of art. The thing that separates sculpting from two dimensional art is that instead of doing it in one plane, you're doing it in multiple dimensions.

      you still need to understand contouring, but you can draw out the contours and translate it to a 3D object. I guess it's about how you are able to translate something from one medium to another. It's like how some people are just better at math then english.

  • with sculpting you have to be able to think three dimensionally.

    in the art department at my school I've noticed that sculptors have more of a laid back attitude. they make lots of work and know that some of it will be damaged in the kiln so they can't be TOO attached to it.


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