The ultimate entertainment poll. Movies vs Music. Which one is the best form of entertainment among those 2?

I'd say music for me.

I listen to music at least 12 hrs per day, so basically in other words i live with music.

And music is better because you can do whatever you want while listening to it, unlike with movies where you have to sit on a chair and do nothing.
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  • I love both but music can change your mood in an instant, it can calm, heal and be a soundtrack to moments in your life.


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What Girls Said 2

  • I'm not really all that big on music that I would consider "entertainment", I prefer music/musicians I consider to be real art/artist. but depending on the mood will watch a movie that is either artsy or simply entertaining. so, I have to say movies are more entertaining, for me.

  • Movie musical


What Guys Said 3

  • I voted movies, but actually video games is, it generates far more sales than both of them.

    • Keep in mind that video games can not be distributed as easily through piracy sites or turrent and to be able to play a video game you must buy it which isn't the case with music for example you can listen to the radio and radio websites like Pandora, Spotify, and 8track.

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    • I'm sorry guys i thought that video games were only accessible in physical form (in the disc) unlike music and movies

    • It's all data, nothing begins on disc.

  • Tough call. It's visual vs. auditory, and both things are fairly primal to humans. Humans have probably always had some form of music and story telling. I'll vote for music just because, as you say, you can listen to it 12 hrs a day.

  • 12 hours every day? Damn, you get a lot of listening done.


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