How do painting and drawing differ?

How do painting and drawing differ? I'm horrible at drawing but when I paint my art comes out really nice. Is it behind able to use color as a detail? I find drawing stresses me out because I want it to look nice but when I paint I can zone out and just do it..


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  • A lot of it has to do with the way that paint spreads on the canvas. A drawn line you can blend and soften, but not like paint. Paint also has that ability to change after you lay it down, you can blend or layer it unlike drawing. I also hate pencil and would rather stick to paint or digital media.

    • Yeah I like that it dries and I can fix a mistake or add more detail where as with sketching it can look horrible if you erase..

    • exactly.

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  • It's partly because of the different medium (I suggest experimenting as much as you can). But more importantly is using color as an element. I hate painting because the dynamics that come from a piece with color confuse me and don't come naturally. I don't know, maybe it's naturally intuitive for you. I'm much better at manipulating texture and value to express what I want. Charcoal is my favorite because it has good range between detail and abstraction. Paint is especially good for layering if you want to focus on texture, but mastering color is kind of a prerequisite. I think painting is the most versatile overall, so I wouldn't worry about it. But the best route is to choose the right medium for that particular project.

  • It's all in the stroke and management of the pencils and styling and shading.


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