Need help identifying two classic movies?

My little cousin enjoys classic movies, specifically cartoons from the 1960's through the 1980's. So, I thought I would try to find one that I saw when I was a child. The only problem is, I can't remember what it was called. There were two that I distinctly remember. As I recall, both these films featured bears prominently.

The first cartoon featured themes of pain and resentment. In the movie, all the love gets drained from the world, leaving everything grey and morbid, before the heroes manage to restore all the feelings of happiness and love back to the world, returning all the color.

The second one dealt with themes of jealousy and anger and took place in a summer camp if I remmeber correctly. Two friends (a boy and a girl) have a bitter fight and the boy wants to get even. The heroes' animal friends get captured and locked away in a cave. That is all I remember clearly.

If you can help me in identifying these films, I would greatly appreciate it!


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  • The first one I am pretty sure is Care Bears. The second one I have no clue.


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