Part I: Favorite electronic music genre (period early 70s-late 70s)?

I like 'em all among this part more or less... but my choice from this period would be Space Disco!

It was so fuckin futuristic back then... and since synth-pop wasn't fully developed yet, and it was just started... i guess Space Disco was da best thing around in late 70s... ;)
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Your selections are mostly late 70's, where I was into it much earlier and loved the pioneers of electronic music, such as Walter Carlos (later Wendy Carlos)
    And who could ever forget his Clockwork Orange music?
    Tangerine Dream was big in the early 70's, though not big with me personally.
    I enjoyed electronic music through many decades and currently enjoy the combined orchestral and electronic music of groups like Cusco

    • Sorry, problem with Clockwork Orange. Should be

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    • so no music at all? :(

    • Not as much time for music while deployed, and what I usually heard was what was playing in the common areas. And being away from "civilization", new music coming out was hard to come by. And thank you for MHO. :-)

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What Girls Said 1

  • Hi-Energy and Space Disco, the coolest music of the 70's :)

    • indeed!

      do u know french space disco band called "space"? :D

    • Yes, I've heard of them :D

What Guys Said 3

  • I will go middle of the road and pick ambient reminds me a bit of trance - Good for chilling before bed

  • Out of these I prefer Ambient and Synth Pop


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