I just want to know , what do you think of Miley Cyrus's fans?

Or Katy Perry? Taylor Swift? Ariana Grande? Lady gaga? Britney Spears? Selena Gomze? Which one can be considered as good girl? Which could be considered as childish?
I just want to know ,what do you think of Miley Cyrus's fans?


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  • Loss of interest in a girl who's a miley cyrus fan quit trying to be like an avril lavigne fan one just some coppy cat fan base. Tottaly a turn off

    • But Miley is more individual. She just do what she like and break the rules. Avril used to be roll n roll, but she's a middle aged women now.

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    • Cute? I think the most cute song of avril is Hello Kitty

    • All the Asian references are a turn off for me.

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  • Do you know that the most common fan of these girls are men who are about 50 years old? Sure the younger girls like their music, but it's the creepy old dicks who do the YouTube searching and fantasizing. I used to know a guy who was a Taylor Swift fan a few years ago to the point where it was unhealthy. You couldn't say one bad word about her without him fiercely defending her. Same thing when Britney was popular as a 15 year old. Creepy old guys or 9 year olds were her fans.


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  • Tay, Ariana, Selena and Miley are childish, Miley is doing a good job by far, she is less childish for me now, but still lol
    Kat, Gaga and Spears are a little more mature XD
    My thoughts about Cyrus' fans, they can like whatever they want, Miley is not a good idol but whatever.
    The only group of fans I hate are the beliebers (I give a damn about the spelling) and the twihards or twilighters, they make me sick XD
    I like Gaga and Brit, but Madonna and my X-Tina Aguilera are perfection ❤️

    • I couldn't agree with you more. I love Miley's song, Her songs are exaggerate but lifeful. But somehow i couldn't be her fans, maybe i just couldn't bear her excessive performance. And taylor, i can sing almost all her songs, but she is too red, which is make me feel like that if Im one of her fans, I will be like a blind and simple-minded child.
      I couldn'd bear bilibers either.
      The most important,,,,,, I like gaga and brit, too! i think gaga is the most close to the artist of the popular stars, She has the pursuit of art, She made contribution to the society. And the most important , she is avant-garde. And brit, Maybe she is not as young and beautiful as before, but she is still my favorite, I have a special feeling for her.

  • I'm fans of all of them. and I think they all fit both types at one time or another.

  • I dont wanna be their friend


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