Have you ever been in Zrče (Pag) Party?

Such a sick parties and good for girls too to have fun and relax. It was wonderful I totally recommend going to Zrče for parties.

what ya think?


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  • This reminds me a bit of the American spring break nonsense. Only this isn't as sexually charged and obscene, as the American spring breaks promote a lot of wild and casual sexual behaviour, most of it in public. This just looks more like tom foolery (peeing on people), some suggestions of sex (the hand job and blow job of the blow up doll for example), and alcohol consumption. Otherwise a lot of dancing, jumping around, diving from docks -- I mean who cares? It's just young people letting loose and having a good time. I just feel bad for the cities that host these things that have to put up with the noise and the mess once these parties are over.

    • but hei getting 150.000 people in only 4 days is a lot. That's a lot of money etc.

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  • Looks like a place full of drunk and horny young adults hoping to get "lucky." Not my kind of thing.


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  • I think they should move Ultra there...
    So those people stop ruining one of the most beautiful Croatian cities... And go to the island where they belong.

    • you just keep whining I don't understand your logic but for that 3 days city got a lot of taxes and everything. Seems like croatian people have really bad logic.

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    • you know what you said to me right now? I'm 18 years old by the way and I'm working on my business, I've made already sales before and I've got first job at the age of 15 alone online which is 10x harder to get. You sound NEGATIVE person.

    • Oh, sorry... you posted you're 25 to 29... Sorry, I didn't realize people lie online. I choose not to trust you. - could be a 14 year old little guy on the other end. Best not to say anything else.

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  • No. Stop ruining my country.

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    • I understand croatian language little, but I think you're wrong. People need parties too.

      1) I'm not hooligan if I like to party
      2) Most of the time I don't even drink haha yeah strange right but I'm always dancing
      3) never tried drugs and never will

      So please stop with that croatian behavior it's really sad how croatian people think

  • No thanks not my scene.

    • why not it's really good to relax and your young all this kids nowadays don't even know how to relax playing game and sticking to cellphone -_-

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    • Wow I like to workout too, but hei each to their own. I really like to party for example and most of the times I'm not even drunk I just dance and people thing that I'm on something... even if there's no one I'm dancing haha

    • I just prefer to be by myself nothing beats the sun on your face the peace of nature and a cigar in your hand in my opinion but like you said to each our own, we all have our own ways of winding down and relaxing.

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