OPINIONS EVERYONE! I wanna treat myself to a great dinner!! where?

I have been working so hard all week 40+ hours and overtime. I wanna treat myself to a great dinner. Any ideas on where I should go? :)


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  • Depends where you live, I'd say go to a Steakhouse ;)

    • YES!!! My man lol

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    • thanks for MHO bro, Enjoy your steak ;)

    • Trust me! I am! haha

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  • You should go...
    Get some ribeye steak
    Get a 6 pack.
    Some potatoes, onions.
    then invite me over. ;x

    • And Im doing all the cooking? :p

    • Yo man if one of the steaks is for me, I'll do it. Shit. I'm about to go out and buy one right now actually. :<

  • depends on what restaurants are around you lol

    • give me your favorites lol

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    • All types! haha love everything!

    • Maybe one of those Hibachi restaurants where they cook in front of you in you have one near you. there's one by me and its one of my favorites.
      Cheesecake factory is good too if you want dessert haha.

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