Should I do it? ideas for what kind of channel I should do?

Im a proud muslim 18 years old girl, I wear the hijab (the scaf) I live in Europe with my family. Im an African aswell and love every about it. I am about to become a senior i high school (the school system is different here) I have huge interest in footbal/soccer, dance, movies, film, and I love my family (its huge) etc. I have wanted to become a youtuber for a long time now, but I dont know what I wanna do like what types of videos and so on. I wanna make people leave with a laugh and inspired. Should the first video be me just talking about what I want my channel to be and the vision for it? I think I have something to put out there something different and interesting. by the way I dont have a camera other than on my phone its a 5s iphone. Do you guys think I should even start a channel or? Any ideas for what I could do if I were to start one?
It could be cool to mix my hobbies and me being a muslim, european and African (you know representing) lol but seriously


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  • Would recommend not to wear the scaf... and the cam is alright..5s got a decent camera.
    There is a special YouTube app called "YouTube Creator studio" by YouTube it self for advanced options controlling your channel.

    Besides smile well in camera and always get to the point and have a target, to give something to the audience, make sure that they gain something by watching you're YouTube channel

    **go give aways or something to attract more followers and always do well specially in talking and video editing.

    Good luck 👍


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  • Go for it.

    • would it be interesting you think?

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  • Keep in mind that to be a Youtuber, you will need a couple of skills to have your channel grow.
    1) A good camera, no poor quality or shitty sound
    2) Video editing skills
    3) Lots of time, patience, and dedication
    4) The content you come up with has to stand out
    5) Unfortunately, looks matter, so keep in mind that people also like to see pretty faces on Camera, and a nice voice.

  • You should make sure that you have the needed talent , tools , team , the personality that can perform. but the most important thing that you choose a topic that would be popular with unique style thay help you to gain subscribes


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