For those that MMA fans here on GAG, what's up with these UFC fighters, fans and journalists trying to call out Floyd Mayweather?

Don't get me wrong. I love MMA as a sport but I'm slowly starting to lose interest in the UFC (the organization) since they (particularly Ronda Rousey, Dana White and Connor McGregor) seem to be so desperate of trying to gain more mainstream media attention and money by mentioning Mayweather's name in a negative spotlight so much and attempting to capture his attention.

I don't even like Mayweather but you can't deny that he, along with Pacquiao, are far more well-known athletes on a worldwide basis than even the current UFC world champions. The UFC is just seems to be even barely growing in popularity in the UK. You can bring up Ronda Rousey and create these stupid man (Mayweather) vs woman (Rousey) fight debates all you want but she seems to be only highly well known in America.

I used to be a very huge UFC follower until it turned into the Ronda Rousey and Connor McGregor Show with reports and posts on FB pages talking only about these two particular MMA fighters. However, that doesn't mean I'll stop watching MMA fights. I just won't watch the UFC and Bellator fights in particular.

Even Mayweather seems to be trying to stay out of this stupid publicity stunt pulled by the UFC, especially by Ronda Rousey and Dana White ( )


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  • There's always going to be a Ronda Rousey or Mayweather somewhere... I enjoy watching MMA but when people start to analyze these fighters outside of their skills? That's where i tune out and ignore.

    Think about yourself and imagine if every thought / opinion you had was recorded.. i am sure something you say will piss off some group somewhere. I say a lot of dumb stuff and if i was constantly in the spotlight? yuck.

    So yea right now they're currently catching a lot of media time but if it's not Ronda, it's someone else. So she's dominating her division and cashing in right now as she should, what else does she have to fall back on? Mechanics?

    So UFC is covering their fighters and trying to create buzz in order to increase sells, it's like they're a business or something?
    - i'll stop watching when they fix fights...

    • For them to depend on Mayweather's name so much to create more attention and money for themsleves, shows how much they're struggling from trying to catch up with other mainstream sports, even with boxing. I'm not trying to bash on MMA or anything but just telling it like it is. I missed the days of PRIDE fighting, which I honestly thought was 100 times better to watch than today's UFC.

    • I like watching MMA fighting however i don't pay attention to that stuff. UFC is the dominate organization that i know of so i just watch that, if PRIDE was covered more than i'd watch PRIDE.

      Did pride produce better fighters? I don't care, it's not on T, V. so i'm not watching it.

      - I'm just a casual fan, maybe if i trained MMA and developed a better eye for spotting talent or can spot better fighters technically then maybe i'll start weighing in but... if it's on, my buddies and i watch it and play poker.

      UFC vs mayweather vs whatever controversy = don't care.

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