Girls, I'm only on season 2 of PLL. Should I keep watching even though A was revealed?

I accidentally saw who A is... :(

Is it worth watching the series now?
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  • No, it's not worth it
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  • Nope the a person is sooo stupid a freakin tranny why is everyone so obsessed with trannys now adays ahhhhh!

    • I blame the media, you would have a hard time picking a normal transwoman out in a crowd of ciswomen. Drag queens are so super creepy though.

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    • @Alyssass

      Mispelled top one lol

    • I do not mind it if they are not just their gender or orientation? Like having an LGBT character with an intriguing backstory and personality can bring a lot to a cast! But otherwise it's just like #sigh did you really have to? lol

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What Girls Said 3

  • I was watching live a while back and would watch every episode when it would come on. Then I lost touch and just started back last night. So I'm pretty behind myself. Lol. Though I don't know who "A" is I was told a lot of spoilers😞... but... I still continue watching. So I'm going to go with yes! Keep watching. It will still keep you on your feet. Lol. It's one of my favorite shows! But The Walking Dead will always be king😆. You should check it out😜.

  • Probably not. A is never really revealed even when they say she/he is. Now it's definitely to the point where no one fucking cares anymore. It monotonous, predictable and boring now. It wasn't worth all the time I did spend watching it.

  • please keep watching it's literally the best I watched the first 2 seasons knowing who the first A was and still loved it so definitley keep watching


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