What is your opinion of the existance of Tabloid Talk Shows?

In my perspective, I hate Tabloid talk shows as much as I hate reality TV shows. All they are, are just a bunch of dumbass host with a lot of money to afford their own talk shows just to exploit people's personal problems on live television like assholes.

What is your opinion of the existance of Tabloid Talk Shows?

What is your opinion of the existance of Tabloid Talk Shows?

What is your opinion of the existance of Tabloid Talk Shows?

I never understood how people find entertainment in these type of shows. Then again, the only people I've noticed that tend to watch these crap are mostly dumb trailer trash and ghetto American people. Sadly, this type of American trash is now slowly infesting my home country/sovereign state (the UK).
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  • I think that tabloid talk shows are fascinating! Think about it... you can actually witness a very intimate confrontation or revelation of truth by sitting at home in your onesie with a giant mug of mint tea next to your German Shepard. That's pretty cool! Like anything else, they're simply a business. A means of providing jobs and income to the host, the cast/crew, and all the camera men. Some people get to have decent paying jobs while others get clarity via lie detector tests for a cheaper price. So that's a positive thing. There are pros and cons to this business. Yes, it is exploitative but people are CHOOSING to exploit their life's private details. No one is forcing them. Plus, there have been some child molesters and sexual predators as well as wife beaters who were nationally exposed on that show which is amazing! I don't watch those shows very often unless they catch my interest/make me curious, but I think they do more good than harm. I also think that people need to take personal accountability and responsibility for the human being they choose to be instead of waiting for tabloid talk shows to pull the strings of their existence.

    • It's not impossible to watch those shows yet still retain a certain quality of being :)

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    • Never said I planned on abolishing these shows. Just speaking my honest mind about these shows and about your opinion. If you like these type of shows, then fine but don't pretend like these shows are doing "Justice"(or however it works in your country). They're most likely only doing this for the money and attention.

    • @Asker No. It's not that I'm pretending "these shows are doing justice." Don't put words in my mouth. What I said is that I think these shows are informing people of others who have molested children or beat their wives. That is my opinion which you requested. Why does it seem like that's so hard for you to understand that without arguing against it or trying to invalidate it?

      I also mentioned the monetary gain in my original post. -_-

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  • The UK has had this stuff for a while :P Either way, they can be fun to watch when there's nothing else but most of them are pretty stupid.

    • Yeah but the US were the first to have them just slightly before us. We didn't start having these type of shows until Jeremy Kyle came along in 2005(at least from what I've heard of and seen) with his own tabloid talk show, albeit not as trashy as the American tabloid talk shows but still not much amusing for me to watch.

  • I agree with your opinion. To me those people are there to exploit others, however it seems to be audience for that... I guess there's audience for everything. I personally dislike it because it revolves around gossip, drama... ehm... basically soap opera. Keep in mind though no matter if they talk good or bad about a celebrity they do boost their fame which comes off in the end as helping them, though there is a certain abuse too. Still I avoid watching such things I voted for C if that wasn't obvious.


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