Can Iggy Azalea rap?

This is her D. R. U. G. S studio record in which she called herself a "runaway slave master", I don't want to be hard on her about this because she probably doesn't know anything about what it means to Americans:

While it isn't anything near the song it was ripped off from, "Look Out for Detox" by Kendrick Lamar, I don't think she sounds THAT bad.

Same song on stage:

Her hometown Mullumbimby, in NSW, Australia, has the lowest vaccination rate in the entire country. Maybe it has something to do with... this.

Or this.

Can Iggy Azalea rap?

Can Iggy Azalea rap?


Can Iggy Azalea rap?


Can Iggy Azalea rap?
*uncomfortable silence*

Someone needs to get this girl an American History boo. Or Political Correctness 101. I've never seen someone fail that much.

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Most Helpful Guy

  • is she an aussie? didn't know... anyway she's not bad in my opinion for today's standards... but sue there r other rappers who rap better than her for sure

    basically modern hip-hop's da best music genre from this current decade in my opinion


Most Helpful Girl

  • I never payed much attention to her "songs". But I think her voice is not really hers. I guess it's another person who records her songs.
    When she speaks it seems that she's making a big effort to talk that way, she seems fake.


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  • She can rap pretty good. although she does make a lot of hateful comments, you have to admit she can spit out dope rhymes

  • She is obviously a moron lol. But i dont really think she is a good rapper, she is just ok to me. But i also think she brings that stuff up becauseshet hinks its funny which it kind of was.

  • I've never listened to her music, only watch her because of the big booty.


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