Is it true that the songs we hear repeatedly always reflect how we really feel?

So i mean could someone know a person's current psychological status by listeninng to their best song to which they are addicted?


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  • In my case yes. I lost someone close to me a while back and the song i often play is called , " i still miss you" the lyrics reflect exactly how i am feeling.

    I guess sometimes we can't express how we are feeling so we either consciously or subconsciously play song to help convey how we feel at that moment


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  • I prefer songs that provoke feelings, rather than suggest how to feel. It seems that you feel something and it is a pretty big deal.

    • Not me. Actually i'm talking about a girl. I'm very interested in her but ended up harshly rejecting and ignoring her because i have a girlfriend. She was hurt and the song she's addicted to is a song of a hurt person that kind of reflects the things that happened between me and her. I can't get her out of my mind but i don't wanna cheat.

    • One step at a time. You're obviously sensitive to what both girls feel.

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What Girls Said 2

  • It could be true.

  • I believe so, yeah.


What Guys Said 2

  • If that's right, then my feelings
    are silent, since most songs I keep on repeat
    has no lyrics. ^.^

  • Damn if this is true then I really am deranged lol

    • So you say i can't know how a person's feeling by reading the lyrics of their best current song? Too bad :(

    • It's a possibility but only to those that have a deeper understanding to music and lyrics...

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