What's your favourite anime intro?

Ah intros, one of the most important things if a show wants to get me hooked.
If you want you don't have to say just one. You could do three that you like :)
I'll give my three :)

^^^Spoilers, kiddies!^^^(every time I get used to the One Piece intro they change it :/ )

And finally:

( I apologise to all the angry weebs for putting up intros for the three most mainstream anime, but they just have the best intros :3)


Most Helpful Girl

  • This is going to take a little while because I have 4 lol. They're not in order or something.
    1. Deadman Wonderland opening. I love the music and the video how twisted it is with the figures being controlled and stuff, because the anime self is so twisted.

    2. Tokyo Ghoul opening first season. I love the artsy colours and how the characters look troubled. I also like the music a lot. This theme song is the ringtone of my phone actually.

    3. Fullmetal alchemist brotherhood opening. The song is just great. Sometimes I just listen it as a real song. The video itself is very cute with the children and stuff, but also a lot of action and a bit of sadness. Perfect description of the anime I think.

    4. Elfen Lied opening. This is just so beautiful. It's inspired by a famous painting called 'the kiss' and I think they made it so beautiful. It almost looks like Lucy is sort of trapped by this anonymous figure and that makes it also a bit mysterious.

    • That first one for Deadman Wonderland is CREEPY! Sort of makes me want to look a bit more into the anime itself.
      And for Brotherhood, it was a really close call between that one and the second intro for me, but I put the second one because I couldn't decide :P

    • Unfortunately for deadman wonderland, it never really finished unfortunately. So I recommend the manga and the anime.

Most Helpful Guy

  • I have two contestants:

    1.) Steins;Gate OP


    Fun fact: the sub I downloaded marked the chapters in each episode, and they marked the opening with "CPU Benchmark"

    Fun fact 2: we were trying to watch Steins;Gate on my old laptop, but the opening is so massive that it lagged the hell out of it - the episode played fine otherwise, though! :P

    2.) Future Diary OP 1


    • How good is Steins;Gate? I'm thinking of watching it when I get the time.

    • It is my all time favorite alongside Baccano and FMA:BH

      But there are some questions I had that were answered only in the VN (please note, the anime is better than the VN! They are both good, but I prefer the anime :P )

    • I liked Steins;Gate too. All the openings. ^.^

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