60s vs 80s: Which “You Keep Me Hangin’ On” version do you prefer?

i'd go wid "B" since i'm into hi-NRG sound mostly
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  • I actually grew up with my mom playing Kim Wilde's version. Naturally, that is the one I'm used to the most, and therefore I like it far more than the supreme version.

    I think it is the 80s vibe the Kim Wilde version give. It gives a stronger driving beat, and First off I'm a sucker for the 80s snare drum with all that classic 80s reverb added haha. It seems quite a bit less repetitive than the Supreme version too. The guitar in the Supremes version isn't quite as clear as the electronic synth coming through in Wilde's one. The Supremes had great voices, but for some reason it sounds kind of whiny in this song. I also really dig the extra stuff added onto Wilde's cover with the synth countermelody, the synth pads holding chords. It really builds up the intensity throughout the song.
    A day later, I'll remember the melody and the feel of Wilde's version, but I'll forget the Supreme's version. That's saying something.

    And naturally, it has that sweet sounding distorted guitar at 3 minutes haha. I can't help but love distorted guitars. It even has the technique of doing squealer notes :D


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  • That's funny. A couple of ago I was talking with a fellow DJ colleague of mine about DJ'ing a few years ago at electro-house parties in Germany. We came to the conclusion we both often played "Danny-S - Keep Me Hanging On (Klaas Remix)"

    To get back to your question I'd say there is no contest. The Supremes win by a landslide. But I do like Kim Wilde's version.

  • The Supremes.
    You can't beat the Motown sound with the Funk Brothers.


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