60s vs 80s: Which “Venus” version do you prefer?

"B" coz... hi-NRG :D :D :D

  • Shocking Blue
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  • Bananarama
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  • I didn't really listen to either of these too much growing up, so I listened to each of them again. I recognized the chorus though from a commercial that featured the Bananarama version I think.

    I'm a fan of the Shocking Blue version this time. I think the Bananarama version kind of butchers the vibe the Shocking Blue version was trying to give off, much like the way "remixes" do to many great songs nowadays. The Shocking Blue version had the chill stoner 60s vibe that I actually like (though I'm not a stoner myself). I really like the acoustic guitar and think it fit it with it. It is the kind of rock that really gets into a groove that makes your bob your head. The Bananarama version just seems... over the top. They put too much new things in it that it convoluted the original feel of the piece... or at least they made it too crazy for my personal music taste. Shocking Blue had the cool 60s light rock feel that gives that edgy raw sound. Not to mention it had an electric guitar. I love guitar solos xD

    If you were in the 60s and stoned and listening to Shocking Blue, you'd probably be hearing some weird trippy sounds at about 1:53 hahaha


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  • Bananarama, because Roger Smith declared it as the national anthem for his country.

    Behold the "Dancer of Death".

  • I usually prefer the original version, and this case is no different. The Shocking Blue version is nice by itself, but again, the originas version wins me over.

  • I think the 60s version had a raw sound.


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