Funniest hip hop punchline you've ever heard?

This isn't going to be overly accurate for me because I can't remember all the bars I've heard, but this line is probably the funniest fucking thing I've ever heard in my life:

"I get too blunted off of funny homegrown cause when I smoke out I hit the trees harder than Sonny Bono"

How about you?
lookin at you, @Deezyy


Most Helpful Girl

  • Bars on bars son! Lets do itt!

    This one never gets old:

    Let it be known, gold ring embedded in stone
    so when I punch ya in the head shit'll dent up ya dome

    • No one really commented -.- w e a k !

      Anyway, thanks mah dewd. 😉

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  • P. O. S., Hunger Pains Three

    Everybody who wants some props, just get in line
    Serving number 37
    All of y'all just wait
    Good job, now pat yourself on the back
    And attach your vertabrae
    Slip a disk
    Your three-inch floppies make me sick
    Need to reboot quick
    Cause now you're dealing with the zip

    Consider the burn unit.. dispatched.


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